• AccountExpires Approval Notification with a real date

    In the approval notification for when a users account expiration is changed, the client is wanting to show a date when the account will expire, or the number of days until the account expires.  The problem is that if we add the AccountExpires attribute…

  • How to execute an action when a approval workflow has been rejected.

    Hi all,

    I need to execute an action when a group approval workflow has been rejected. How can this be done? I noticed that the workflow gets terminate by the approval rule activity when the approval is rejected. 

    Thanks, Andy

  • Approval Pop Up

    Is there a way to edit the approval pop up window in the web interface? I don't really like the verbiage since it doesn't fit our use case. Or, better yet, is there a way to remove it entirely?

  • Read Parameter from Workflow inside Library Script?

    I created an easy workflow with one approval activity.

    In the worflow options on the top we can define some parameters, which I did.

    Now inside the approval activity, in the "approvers" section we can "designate approvers". On the bottom we can say "users…

  • Group Membership - restriction and approval


    What is the best way to restrict user objects from being add to groups in a MU.

    A group can contain other groups but user objects should be prevented.

    I also have a requirement in a separate MU to allow additional membership for user objects with…