Unable to insert record in PersonWantsOrg table via. a custom script

Hi All,

Our Dell one identity current version is 7.1.3.

I have a sync process that pulls data from anther database to one identity database. During this it inserts a records in PersonWantsOrg table. unfortunately, it is failing to insert a record and showing the following message.

Error - User not authorized to insert the record at this point.

Code where my error occurs is :

' Insert into PersonWantsOrg and Get the UID

Dim dbPWO As ISingleDbObject = Connection.CreateSingle("PersonWantsOrg")


uidPersonWantsOrg = dbPWO.GetValue("UID_PersonWantsOrg").ToString()

dbPwo.Save ' Create PropertyBag of request

I have checked the trace logs and found the following message in it for the process.

"Processing InsertAllowedCheck with UID_Person='111111111-1111-1111-3434-3468324932', UID_Org='21211-3455-3456-1234-DJG4456FTF', ValidFrom='null' and ValidTo='null' returned False "

This is returning FALSE.

I guess this is where the issue is. But I am not sure what permissions are missing that this is causing the issue.

What is InsertAllowedCheck? Is this stored procedure or function . How to check what validation is it doing.? Where to find it what exactly is it doing?

Could someone help me in troubleshooting this.?

Thanks in Advance.


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