Issue with attribute in VI_Person_Overview_With_History report


we are trying to use the VI_Person_Overview_With_History default report in the Report Editor. The problem is the condition under Display_UNSAccountDisplay_cn.

{If(String.IsNullOrEmpty(UNSAccount.Data_CanonicalName),UNSAccount.Display, UNSAccount.Data_CanonicalName)}

When UNSAccount.Data_CanonicalName is null, it set the UNSAccount.Display, but that attribute shows a normal string plus an alphanumeric string that we don't want to see (for example "User Test (domain\ext_testuser) - 3413e4-r1976ds-agd321). We just need the first part (User Test (domain\ext_testuser)).

Why is this alphanumeric string displayed? how can we fix it? 

Thank you,

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