• Customized page error after upgrade from 7.1.6 to 8.1.3


    Our OneIM on UAT environment just got upgraded from 7.1.6 to 8.1.3 with database upgraded via configuration wizard.

    Everything was fine except 3 customized web pages.

    The app server as well as web portal has been uninstalled and then re-installed…

  • IT Shop Requests and Delegation for Managers that are either OOO or on leave

    Hello All,

    I have a couple of questions i was hoping to get some ideas/recommendations on.  We are using OneIM 8.0.1.  I am part of the IT Shop Administrator also a member of the Chief Approval Team.  What i am trying to solve for now is if we have a manager…

  • How to display custom pages in different language in web portal


    We are using version 8.0 and we are trying to display web portal in German language. As we changed the language culture of the user, OOTB pages and tiles and menu items, etc got displayed in German but we have created few pages in Web Designer which…

  • How can i increase character length of "Reason" field when submitting the Request in ITSHOP?

    Hello Experts,

    We have a need to expand the character limit on the "Reason" Field to accomodate additional notes for the users to put in the requests.  Where can i find this?  i tried looking in to Web Designer but was not able to find it...…

  • PWO Status Assigned but not applied yet in Web Poral

    Dear All,

    As i remember in Version 6 there is a status saying product is "Assigned but not applied yet" in the Target system. In our scenario (version 8), we are requesting for new SAP Roles using the portal. The status changed to Assigned immediately…

  • Error occurs when checking report from web portal


    we have created custom report of system role and input parameter required is UID_Eset and for the web portal we have created custom page to select UID_Eset and display this report. We are able to select and view this report in Manager tool but in…

  • How to display profile picture of user on home page of web portal and in search user option


    I can see user icon on top right corner of web portal home page. How can we display profile picture of user here? And when we search any user, how can we have user's picture on the page where we see his details?

  • How can we allow any user to raise a request for any other user?


    We tried to explore in backend where the condition is set and so only Managers are able to select his subordinates and raise a request for them but we couldnt find it. How is this condition set and how can we change it/ remove such condition so that…

  • How to create custom help pages in web designer for web portal?


    we tried to export the OOTB help page to update the logo. After updating it externally we again imported it and published it but it didnt work. How can we create/update the pages? we referred below link


  • Unable to establish WCF connection in Web Designer where Web Portal is hosted on LB.

    We have our Web Portal on  Load Balancer and we are unable to establish WCF connection  in Web Designer. Please suggest how we can establish the connection.

  • How to show custom column in web portal?


    I am using version 8.0 and want to show custom column of Person table in web portal. I checked below post


    but could not understand…

  • Raising event from WebDesigner not working

    V 7.1.2: In WebDesigner I am calling a script in an action. Script among other things generates an event. I see script working fine, however an exception is thrown when it comes to generating that event. I tried simulating the event on the same person…

  • Column format for First and Last Name of person table.


    How can we change the format for First name and last name columns in Person Table. We current added a Contractor from the identity manager webportal. We are using VI_Employee_Edit module to add a record to the person table . If a user enter the…

  • Grid filter behaviour inconsistent web designer

    Hi, In web desiner i have created a grid in which having five columns. When i apply filter on a column e.g City, then it is showing the filter result but when navigate to second page. Filter goes off and showing all results. Whereas it is working fine…
  • Save Textbox value in custom table


    How to store the textbox input value from web designer to custom table.?

    I want to store the textbox multiline value in a table. Please help me on this issue.





  • Develop web portal without webdesigner


    This question is in relationship with my previous thread

    --> Does someone has tried to create a web portal without the use of webdesigner (e.g. using Visual Studio) and integrate directly with One Identity Database ? If so what are the limitation…