• Identity Manager DGE Activity Reports

    Hi everyone,

    I'm currentry trying to configure and display the Account Activity and Resource Activity reports in the Data Governance Edition for the following host types:

    1. DFS host

    2. Remote Windows Server (Resource Activity Report non available…

  • We want to manage nearly 1 billion files and 30 million folders with Data Governance Edition.

    We want to manage nearly 1 billion files and 30 million folders with DGE. The target system is Dell Isilon. Can we manage this type of structure with OneIM DGE? Does it support that kind of a big folder and file structure?

  • Problem with SharePoint in Managed Hosts in DGE


    i have a problem with SharePoint in Managed Host. I installed SharePoint Server and create and configured a SharePoint Farm but SharePoint is not present in list of Managed Host (under the same domain) in One Identity Tool Manager.

    I noticed that when…

  • New Data Governance product


    I am dealing whit One Identity Manage Data Governance Edition.

    I am trying to add a new product into the web portal. Currently, a logged user, can see the following products:

    Requestà Resource Access

    • File system access
    • New file system shar…
  • "Local change watching failed to load DgeDriver" after deploying an Agent on to Windows Server 2019

    Hi All,

    I have an issue with the following error after deployment of the agent on to Windows Server 2016:

    • 2020-09-29 14:32:08.033 [5][ERROR][TryLoadFilter(0)] Local change watching failed to load DgeDriver. Error: 0x80070241. 
    • 2020-09-29 14:32:08.049 [5][ERROR][CreateWatcher…
  • Empty Agent List in Data Governance when Host Type is "NetApp OnTap 7-Mode CIFS Device"

    Hi all,

    I have to manage some host with type "NetApp OnTap 7-Mode CIFS Device". So I select the host and "Manage host..." in the Task list.

    In the window appears we are unable to select the agent and below is present a text “At least…

  • DGE Error loading authentication module

    Hi Experts, 


    I was trying to install the OneIM Data Governance Edition to an already existing OneIM 7.1.1 environment.

    The service installation was perfectly fine however when the Activity Database is being created,  it says that the authentication module…

  • Issue saving DGE service account in manager 7.1.2

    Hey Folks,

    So I have installed the DGE bits and configured my AD Accounts as the data governance administrators. The Data Governance views in manager render the managed hosts as expected. 


    The next step however (keep me honest here) is to add the service…

  • Data Governance Schedule File Deletion


    I'm looking for a method to delete files in a secure folder that is managed by One Identity DG, that have met a time threshold of 60 days.  Meaning all files under this particular share need to be purge from that folder 60 days from the day they…