• Installing the Job service to a local server

    Hi there,

    I'm trying to get my job server installed as a service on my 1IM server. (Windows 2016)

    As this is a LAB environment, the service account and installation account are both Administrator. The Installation folder is the local folder with my…

  • Two Cloud Access Manager on one SQL Instancecloud


    We need to install 2 CAM and we would like to know if is it possible to install them on the same SQL instance but in a different DB.


  • Error installing Job Server

    We are installing version 8.1 of the product and we have a serious problem when installing or defining the Job Server. The error code is as follows:

    Error during execution of statement: 
    insert into QBMServerHasDeployTarget (UID_QBMDeployTarget, UID_QBMServer…

  • History DB

    Hello everyone,

    Im installing the HistoryDB and Im having some issues...

    We have followed the administration guide, we have more than 300k registers ready to export (JobHistory and DialgWatchOperation tables ).  The configuration that we have followed on…

  • DGE Error loading authentication module

    Hi Experts, 


    I was trying to install the OneIM Data Governance Edition to an already existing OneIM 7.1.1 environment.

    The service installation was perfectly fine however when the Activity Database is being created,  it says that the authentication module…

  • How to install Identity Manager in High-Availability on a cluster

    Hi team,

    I want to install One Identity Manager in HA architecture on a cluster with 2 servers, each one has a Web Portal instance and One Identity Manager installation. In other server it will be installed the DB also on a cluster. I had a look on the…

  • DBQueue tasks not getting processed



    I am using One Identity manager version 7.1

    At first, I installed the application with a blank 1Im database and configured the Job servers as well as the services. Everything was working fine so far.

    Then, I restored another v7.1 database with production…

  • Silent Installation for One Identity Manager 7.1.1

    I want to install the One Identity Manager fat clients on workstation unattended (silent or quiet) by using a response file.

    Does anyone have already a working solution to record a new response file and then use it on other installations?

  • RE: Web Portal (/identitymanager) V7 is blank

    Hi Kerry,

    all .NET Frameworks greater than Version 4 replace each other. So 4.5 is a replacement for 4.0 and 4.5.2 replaces 4, 4.5 and 4.5.1

    Glad it worked in your environment in the end.

  • RE: Web Portal (/identitymanager) V7 is blank

    Hi Kerry,

    ASP.NET 4.5.2 is listed in the System Requirements section of the AutoRun (see attached screenshot).

    Or do you mean some different place, where you miss this requirement?


  • RE: D1IM7 - Could not create single object for table Person

    You haven't installed the Helpdesk module on your client machine but installed Helpdesk module into the D1IM database. Update your client installation and add the Helpdesk module or activate AutoUpdate.

    Please check the online documentation for more…