• Job Servers have random server functions being assigned to them

    I'm in the process of setting up a job server which will be used for interfacing with a Unix based application.  The job server has three queues on it:  one for updating the server, one for running PowerShell scripts which interface with the application…

  • Distributed Job Servers

    Hello all,

    I have the following scenario:

    1 central One Identity manager instance.

    13 source Active directory ( local AD with local Exchange in place). Almost all AD used the same NETBIOS name so no trust possible to be set.


    We want to move on…

  • Add jobserver using appserver without remote installation


    we've problems installing a job server within another domain. The One Identity Manager and Database are installed within a Management zone. In addition to that we have multiple domains that do not have (and should not have) any trust relationship…

  • Error installing Job Server

    We are installing version 8.1 of the product and we have a serious problem when installing or defining the Job Server. The error code is as follows:

    Error during execution of statement: 
    insert into QBMServerHasDeployTarget (UID_QBMDeployTarget, UID_QBMServer…

  • One Identity Service and Job Server on the same server?j

    Hi, I'm using version 8 and I've installed into an Azure lab for learning purposes. I have three servers, a web server, service server and database server. I've installed the One Identity Service on the service server and then proceeded to add a job server…

  • Existing processes while DB compiling


    What will happen if we use the Emergency Stop in JobQueue to stop the processes before DB compiling?

    Can they all be re-initiated?

  • "[System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception] The network path was not found" Error in Job service logs


    We have configured 2 job servers local and remote. Local job server connects to DB directly whereas Remote job server connects to DB via App server. We have added "SQL processing Server" function to Remote job server and it is able to process sql…

  • JobServer strange process step

     Hi everyone,

    Lately while checking the logs of my job server I've noticed this strange process step that keeps appearing :


    Does anyone knows what this means?

    FYI, this process step appears hundreds of times, as if it was in an infinite loop.


  • Configuring separate job server in DMZ

    Right now I have 2 job servers (6.1.2) in our internal network that talks to a few DC's in the internal network. I now have a requirement to bring in groups from a DC that is located in the DMZ.

    Could I spin up another job server that is located in…