• Hyperlinks are not working in mail templates


    I tried to add hyperlink in the mail template which can redirect user to a specific page but it is not redirecting to that page. I check the mail templates to Approve or Deny request in ITshop as well as attestation, those links work may be because…

  • Mail Template scripts


    1IM 8.1

    I need get XDateInserted from Department view in Mail Template. 

    I wrote script: 

    Public Function CCC_Department_Get_XDateInserted_1(ByVal dbDepartment As ISingleDbObject) As String
                Dim strLOGFileName = "C:\temp\logs\temp.txt…

  • HTMLEncoding mail template


    1IM 8.1

    I am try send mail with russian text. 

    In paremeters of process set HtmlEncoding=UTF-8, but I get mails in Windows-1251 encoding. 

    If mail with only EN text - I get mails in UTF8. 


  • Password containing mail sent to group mailbox instead of person mail

    Hello people,

    we have an use case where after creation of service account password credentials is shared to requester but for few mail is sent to group mailbox which was set up in config param.

    We suspect this issue is  happening because of match pattern…

  • Build MasterData URL in Attestation - approval required Mail Template OIM 8.0.1

    Hey folks,

    So I have been customizing some mail templates and so far so good for the most part. My current focus is on a new joiner use case, in which I trigger an API call to the application server to insert a person. Thanks to the help of some fine folks…

  • Object of type Mail definitions does not exist in database or you do not have the relevant viewing permissions


    Following error appearing when creating a new mail template in v7.0.2 from Designer. Some old templates exist and I can edit and save them without any issues. I even tried creating new email template using viadmin user and nothing worked.


  • RE: Accessing resource type or service category from mail template


    the script "CUST_ITShop_Email_GetShoppingCartNumber" can be replaced with


    The script "CUST_ITShop_Email_GetRecipientID" can be replaced with


  • RE: How to include images in Rich emails

    You may have to enable the Illustrations toolbar to insert an Image. Please take a look at the the screenshot below.


  • RE: Product Description on Pending Approvals email


    to add the the product description to the mail template you have to add the following text where you want the description to appear in the mail:


    You have to copy the original mail…

  • Accessing resource type or service category from mail template

    I would like to put the resource type for the resource in the mail template. Looking at the object browser, this should be accessible from PWOhelperPWO->PersonWantsOrg->Ident_ResourceType->New. Is it possible to do a double FK lookup in the mail templates…