• Setting up web server that is running on AKS - oneidentity/oneim-web


    I set up servers on ACR and AKS

    When I try to login to web server with the viadmin or user that I created during the DB initialization, I get error wrong password or user. When I try to create a new one from the portal I get:

    An error occurred…
  • Unable to input the password to Create a new SQL Server Logins for the database in Configuration Wizard as it is greyed out, and even unable to use other options as I get different error messages.

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm having a weird issue, I'm not sure if the approach is correct or wrong, as I'm completely new to OIM, and this is happening while creating new SQL Server Logins for the administrator in Configuration Wizard.

    Version: 9…

  • Microsoft licensing control

    Hi Team,

    Can we sync Azure AD last logon from Azure to 1IM via Azure OOB connector sync project?

    We are using version 8.2

    I raised ticket with support as well, but they responded me to connect with PSO Team.

  • System Meter Report definitions

    Hi everyone:

    I've just downloaded the System Meter Report from One Identity Manager to count my users, but I can't find a definition for the different categories (Distributor, Provider, Contractor, etc.). I need to differentiate managed persons from…

  • Synchronising Groups between two different systems

    Hello.  What's the recommended general method for synchronising groups between two different systems?  I've read through the documentation and see some information about syncing between two systems of the same type (like two AD forests), but not about…

  • Upgrade from One Identity Manager 8.1.5 to 9: LDAP Connector and LDAP Connector (version 2)

    soon we will upgrade the One Identity Manager from version 8.1.5 to 9. According to the release notes 8.2.1 (https://support.oneidentity.com/technical-documents/identity-manager/8.2.1/release-notes/3#TOPIC-1805043) the LDAP connector will not…
  • DB is not online

    Hi guys,

    We just recently upgraded our 1IM platform to the newest version 8.2. And upon upgrading it our jobserver is having an error. See below:

    2022-06-07 12:00:33 +10:00 - Serious: Last process step request failed with error: '"[System.Exception]…
  • Best practice job queue


    There is somewhere a document about the best practice for job queue ? (number of queue, queue splitted by target, name, config, etc...)

    If not, what are them ?

    Thank you.

  • Edit IT Shop Request Page

    Dear all,

    I'm trying to edit the Request Page of the IT Shop, however I can't seem to find a correct way to do it.

    I would like to make 2 main changes:

    1. I need the "include child categories" field to appear selected when the page is opened;…

  • Oracle HR Person Management

    Using the Oracle EBS Module we setup the default Sync Projects. Specifically talking about the Oracle E-Business Suite HR Data sync package - how can we update Oracle HR person records? We would like OneIM to govern our Oracle HR persons. 

    When you try…

  • Employee Manager Role for only Active Employees

    Hello Experts,

    I have been trying to figure out a way to assign the Employee Manager role in OneIM to only those who have active persons listed as their direct report.  Currently if a person has an inactive employee listed it still assigns the employee…

  • SAP ERP S/4 Connector in OneIM 8.1.4

    Hello All,

    We are using OneIM 8.1.4 version. We have requirement to connect SAP s/4 systems.

    Also, We checked that seems that in SAP connector we have only SAP R/3 connectors only.

    Can we connect those systems with OneIM? If so, could you please share…

  • Disaster recovery for One Identity manager Product


    Please help me to find out how to set the Disaster recovery for One Identity manager Product. I couldn't able to get the information in the One IM documentation.

    Any help would be appreciated.



  • System information update

    Hello All,

    We recently updated our SQL server with additional resources.

    When I do a System Information lookup the CPU and Memory does not look to be updated.

    How can I get one identity to recognize the new resources?


  • Error Numbers list?

    Hi there,

    I need your help. 

    Is there a document or Link, in which I can see all error numbers of one Identity Manager and description ?

    such as:   [810017] Wrong user name or password.

    Or can you show me some commen error numbers and their descriptions…

  • Service Now Module

    Hi ,

    I'm trying to install new module (SCN) service now in DB as per the below thread. I am using one identity Manager version 8.0.2.


    Error occurs…

  • Error in Synchronization with SQLite Database


    I have made a sync project with sqlite db installed locally on the server and did the required steps, connection, mapping, workflow, base object, config . When i simulate the synchronization , it shows the objects to be sync but when i execute the…

  • One IM Report to a distribution list


    Can anyone tell me how I can use the OOB report and send it to a distribution list?

    I've done it using a custom process orchestration in version 7.0 but I'm now in 8.1.

    I'm not sure if there is an easy way beside a custom process orch to…

  • AppServer - How often does the search index update itself?


    we have a OneIM database migrated to version 8.0.3 in our test environment.

    Our observation is that expected terms are not found in the search index after importing transports.
    If this is noticed during the tests, we will trigger the update of the…

  • Identity Manager service not working

    Hello ,

    Few of our identity Manager services are not working properly i.e  whenever we try to restart the services ,the service gets stuck in 'stopping' state and eventually the process has to be killed. 

    On starting the service , we can see below…

  • has anyone been able to create bulk useraccounts/Groups in OneIM?

    has anyone been able to create bulk useraccounts in OneIM?  I have been trying to get it right but keep running in to problems when i do data import.  All of your assistance is greatly appreciated.  here are my headers for the data.



  • Business Role Creation from a Sync Project in One Identity Manager 8.1

    In a mapping in a sync project to mapping to a new Business role, AkA Org table,  I receive the following error (hopefully the image works):

    In the error it states "Org: The following fields are compulsory and need to be filled: Business Role". I assume…

  • WebDesigner - Timer node


    I have a problem with 'Timer' node using. Here is my Web Designer project:

    Timer parameters: timeout in milliseconds - "5000", loop condition - "1=1" (also I have tried "true", "exists(...) " etc), Run asynchronously - unchecked, Execute…

  • How to Run a Report of All Assigned users to a Business Role

    Hello Experts,

    We have some business roles that are driven by a dynamic assignments based on their Deprtment, Title and Location.  I am trying to see if there is a way to have a report on all the members of those roles.  If i can do it in OneIM, Great! 

  • ADS_ADSGroup_Insert Job frozen but AD Object was created

    Hello Experts,

    We have a mystery that i'd like to get some help with.  We have multiple Jobs that are either ADS_ADSGroup_Insert, ADS_ADSAccount_Insert and they are frozen but the AD Object was created in AD.  You are able to able to provision to this…