• Uninstall Defender Desktop Login 5.9.1 programmatically

    Hello all,

    First time poster.  Need your assistance.  We have a large environment and we use SCCM to manage all machines.  I need to uninstall version 5.9.1 from all machines and I am having a hard time doing that using script or programmatically.  I tried…

  • Mail Template scripts


    1IM 8.1

    I need get XDateInserted from Department view in Mail Template. 

    I wrote script: 

    Public Function CCC_Department_Get_XDateInserted_1(ByVal dbDepartment As ISingleDbObject) As String
                Dim strLOGFileName = "C:\temp\logs\temp.txt…

  • "Use transaction" as in-script variable

    When testing the script from Designer it is possible to set "Use transaction". Is it possible to somehow set "Use transaction" inside script i.e. Session.Variables.Put("UseTransaction", True)?

  • Error generating process step Call Script VI_UnsAccount_Ident_UNSRoot_Event


    I wrote script for add user to Oracle Database. 

    I created process (Insert Event to UNSAccountB table) for create the user. 

    When I create user in Manager, I got error: 

    Got exception during generation of chain 'VI_UnsAccountB_Generic': Error generating…

  • Is it possible to securely share variable of any type (e.g. System.Object) between scripts?

    I am trying to securely share variable of any type (e.g. System.Object or SqlConnection) between scripts executed by various processes with ScriptComponent.ScriptExec component?

    Happy to provide more information on actual use cases if this would help…

  • Changing the default shelf where Ad groups are auto-published

    Hello experts,


    We would like to publish our AD Groups in another shelf different from the default one. Version 7.1.2.


    We have tried to edit the script “ADS_AssignADSGroupsToITShop” which, as far as we know, contains the instruction to publish it in…

  • How update customer logo in existing reports.

    In Q1IM version 8.0, how to update customer logo instead of existing 1IM logo and also how to update web browser title value?

  • Available scripts and objects in synchronization engine mapping scripts

     I am not finding any documentation that discusses the available scripts, objects, and functions that are able to be referenced from within a synchronization engine mapping script.  I would like to be able to reference the custom schema type (filter), the…

  • Query in script library to get a list of users getting an error



    I'm trying to write a query in a script library to get a number of accounts in ADSAccountInADSGroupTotal that are members of a certain group. Then have a top(nn) clause to limit the number for moving them to another group.


    I am using this:

  • Sync Process Fails for User with Locked Property


    I'm currently testing methods of preventing updates on certain properties for specific users in our non-production environment. We have selected 'prohibit modification' for the CCC_JobCodeType property field on a test Person.



  • Calling Scripts via Application Server RESTful API using Common_StartScripts permission not working


    We are trying to call a custom script via the Application Server RESTful API. 

    We have made sure that the user who does this has an application role assigned which has the permission group Common_StartScripts. 
    This application role also has the permissions…

  • Script Error: Employees: Write permission denied for value "Disabled permanently".

    I have this script which throws "Employees: Write permission denied for value "Disabled permanently"." error during execution. What I'm missing?


    Public Function CCC_InActivatePerson(
        ByVal UID_Person As String) As String…

  • Active Directory user accounts: Write permission denied for value "Employee" while changing UID_Person value in ADSAccount.


    I've been trying to update UID_Person value in ADSAccount table in my script.

    '... something fancy
    Dim ADSAccount As ISingleDbObject = Connection.CreateSingle("ADSAccount", UID_ADSAccount)
    ADSAccount.PutValue("UID_Person", UID_SubIdentity…

  • Get group memberships in process or script


    I have created a process and a script that creates users in a 3rd-party system (Mindflash) when the ADSAccount is added to a specific ADSGroup. This works fine now, but now I want to add the user to groups in this system based on group memberships…

  • Speed up CSVExport 100.000 entries generation from Script

     Hi all,

    I have to generate a CSV file from all PersonWantsOrg entries (~100.000 and counting) and because of I have to take values from others tables too I use a script to generate the rows:

    here my script

    Public Function CCC_Export_Requests_LineDefinition_DWH…

  • Check out the NEW One Identity YouTube Technical Training Videos!

    Our One Identity Team just launched a new One Identity YouTube channel. We have over 100 technical training videos for One Identity Manager and Cloud Access Manager.

    Check it out and subscribe to the channel for the latest updates: https://www.youtube…