Private Key ssh connection error

  • A new user has been generated and the ssh keys have been created for that user with the ssh-keygen tool.
  • I have created an asset of a Linux Ubuntu machine.
  • When I put the previously created user and import the private key as authentication method I get an error: "Failed while loading private key (3330)"
  • How can I register assets with accounts with ssh keys correctly?

Thank you

  • HI Alberto,

    Is this to setup the service account connection for the asset?

    If so, there two options:

    1. Automatically Generate the SSH Key (key is generated by Safeguard)

    - With check box option to Manually Deploy the SSH Key

    2. Import and Manually Deploy the SSH Key (key generated outside Safeguard and imported to Safeguard)

    If you used option 2 then you must manually append the public key to the authorized keys file on the managed system for this service account.

    If the issue persists, I see that you have also created a support service request which will be investigated further.


  • Thank you Ahmad

    But the SSH key generated by Safeguard is a public key and does not work for me because I need the private key, right?

    I have an open case with OneIdentity, right, to see if they can help me. But at the moment I'm not having any luck.

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