Safeguard Decommissionig


I was wondering, is there a standard procedure to decommissioning the physical device for SPS, SPP and Defender solutions?
So, the complete secure erasing of data on the disks? Beyond restoring factory settings.


  • Hi Armando,

    We recommend customers to remove all data from the hard drives in accordance with their company’s standard policies.

    If these appliances are being returned to One Identity. Immediately on receipt at One Identity (For example when an RMA appliances are returned), a secure wipe is performed on the drive through a bitwise image and re-encryption process ensuring the complete removal of any remaining customer data.  Should customers require a more extensive data wipe to be performed this can be requested from One Identity in advance. If the storage devices are removed and not returned to One Identity then a cost will be incurred to the customer. For information and costs with relation to keeping the hard drives please contact your One Identity account manager / sales rep via the part code is HDD-SFG-CH.

    Reference KB: