SPP - Oracle change password

Hi all,

where i can schedule the oracle password change account?

I need to force change at the end of request time validity, plus 5 minutes.



  • Hi Carmine,

    The auto post release reset can be enabled or disabled here:

    - Entitlements > Select the applicable entitlement > Access Request Policies > Edit the applicable ARP > Select Access Config pane > checkbox to enable (Change Password After Check-in)

    Note: this setting does not have a set schedule (no option to add plus 5 minutes for reset) but is triggered after check-in or  request expiry whichever happens first.

    On the other hand, Password Change schedules are not directly related to request check out\in but rather password change is triggered on a set interval and these can be set here:

    - Partitions > Select applicable Partition > Password Profiles tab > Select the applicable Password Profile which is assign to the account in question > Select Change Password pane > edit settings as required for the schedule.