Telnet lunch button

Hi there

I added telnet policy in SPS and it's joined to SPP, when i submit a request it doesn't show lunch button only token is available,

and also after copying token  to Putty i should type username and password manually is there a way to fix this ?

I tried "Include password released with session requests" but it didn't change.


  • HI Saeed,

    Telnet can be used with different clients so a user must launch the appropriate client based manually based on the type of telnet session that they want to use.

    In regards to the credentials not being entered directly, this could be related to the telnet connection policy in SPS, to add a credential store, it requires a pattern set to be added in SPS side so that SPS can determine the login screen based on that pattern (different target systems may have different login screen patterns so this may require customization).

    For customization assistance, we recommend engaging Professional Services team.