• Recording HTTP/HTTPS URL's control

    Hello Experts,

    I am looking to add some URL's in Safeguard for control and record and would like to know is there anyway to achieve this? because I see only rdp and ssh/telnet options and not https in SPP. I have some Firewall that already are added through…

  • SPS connection is rejected by Windows Server.

    Dear Experts,

    I am facing a problem when connecting to a Windows server through SPP. Below is the error which I am receiving.

    “Remote Desktop Connection This computer can’t connect to the remote computer. Try connecting again. If the problem continues…

  • SPS as Gateway for Termius SSH connections

    Hello Experts,

    I've seen SPS can act as a gateway for connections coming from 3rd party client tools like termius etc. I've seen the SPS guide and did the configuration by creating a new connection (another IP) in SPS controls and added LDAP for integration…


    Hi everyone,

    For creating a service account in ubuntu Linux standalone machine we are facing issue with the below commands which is giving "syntax error near line 32", but it is working fine with redhat Linux machines

    useradd pamsvc
    passwd p…

  • SPS SSH Issue


    Anyone faced issue with SSH accessing Ubuntu ?

    We have ARP for SSH with User Supplied Credentials and it fails with incorrect password. we thought something related to network but when we bypass Safeguard and plug a laptop on that interface and…

  • Time issue - Export CSV

    I have problem when use export csv .

    downloaded file's time column had time without addition time zone

    for example


    but correct is


    sps system time +( time zone (+5:30:00)) = correct tim…