• Workflow to check for Duplicate SAMAccount Name in multi-domain forest

    Can someone point me in the right direction to create a workflow which upon create request will check to see if there is a user by that SAMAccount name already in the forest?

  • Possible to attached Workflow output as CSV?


    I'm using a scheduled Workflow to first locate and then deprovision inactive user accounts in AD. By itself the Workflow is fine (only using native tasks) and with the option enabled to "Attach a report of workflow execution to notification message…

  • Use workflow script to modify attribute of removed member

    I have a need to modify an attribute whenever a user is removed from a group. Stored in every users extensionattribute5 are values like this   1024adm;1025adm;1969adm;1429adm;


    We have matching groups for each of those values.   What I would like is that…

  • Workflow notification emails

    In the Notification message of a workflow, how can I convert <% =Operation.TargetToSet["accountExpires"] %> into a human readable date?