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St. Clair College provisions user access in hours instead of weeks

One Identity offered the best combination of affordable cost, high ease of use and minimal complexity in operating and maintaining the solution.

Amar Singh, Associate Vice President of Communications and IT, St. Clair College

At St. Clair, identity and access management (IAM) was inefficient, requiring multiple user names and passwords to provision accounts and applications. While all students need the same access to applications, employee requirements vary. According to Singh, “We wrote batch scripts to provision student accounts, but, with thousands of lines of code, they became difficult to troubleshoot. We lacked issue logging and reporting. For onboarding employees and faculty, we depended on an often delayed paper request form from HR or a manager. For six weeks at the beginning of every fall
semester and three weeks at the start of every winter semester, IT was busy doing not much more than setting up and provisioning accounts.”

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