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10 Best Practices for AD Management and Security Efficiency

10 Best Practices for AD Management and Security Efficiency
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10 Best Practices for AD Management and Security Efficiency

View this recording of a live webcast to hear how real AD Admins and IT leaders manage their Active Directory and Azure AD. Learn from two experts how they combined tools to level up their security and efficiency.

Most Identity and Access Management (IAM) programs reliably center around Active Directory (AD) and Azure AD (AAD) as their foundation. However, as IAM environments move to the cloud, modernize and extend toward governance, IT managers are pained with security and efficiency gaps in native AD, and as such they seek solutions to augment the capabilities of AD which often fall short. Leading companies are defining workable approaches to securing and managing hybrid AD as identity and account governance evolve through cloud adoption and beyond.  

In this webcast, you’ll hear real users’ experiences with One Identity Active Roles and how they supercharged their AD/Azure AD environments. You’ll also learn how to: 

• Enhance your security 

• Increase efficiency and accuracy 

• Implement best practices for AD management 

• Eliminate manual processes and dramatically save time 


Tielor Robinson, IT Leader, George Washington University

Michiel Simon, IT Infrastructure Specialist, Global TelCo

Daniel Conrad, Field Strategist, One Identity

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