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On-demand Webinar: The Future of Privileged Management Understanding the Bigger Picture

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  • Fecha de grabación:Dec. 8, 2016
  • Evento:A pedido

The realm of privileged account management (PAM) is expanding horizontally and vertically. It’s expanding horizontally by covering more than just the administration of passwords and login, as well as by providing full support for managing privileged sessions at runtime; and it’s expanding vertically by focusing on far more than a few highly privileged users, but all types of privileged users.

View this on-demand webinar, hosted by KuppingerCole and One Identity, to see how this expansion is changing the functionality and integration of PAM solutions.

Lo que aprenderá

You will hear from KuppingerCole founder, Martin Kuppinger, and One Identity’s Jackson Shaw about the new normal for privilege management, including:

  • Where the privileged management market is moving to
  • Integrating privilege management with identity provisioning and access governance – the why and the how
  • How much privilege management do you really need – and what can be done with other tools?
  • One Identity’s approach to PAM


In the first part, Martin Kuppinger, founder and principal analyst at KuppingerCole, will talk about the evolution of privilege management and where this market is moving. He also will analyze which types of solutions best suit the needs of various organizations, depending on where they are in the IAM journey.

In the second part, Jackson Shaw will discuss One Identity’s modular, yet integrated approach covering the entire range of PAM needs – from privilege safe, to session monitoring, to least-privileged access, and privileged account governance.