Unless you have been living in a cave or under a rock (and you haven’t because you are reading this), you’ve probably heard of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  This week, I’d like to compare and contrast IAM to the Ice Bucket Challenge (IBC) with the following five observations. 

1)      They are both TLAs.  What’s a TLA you ask?  It’s a three-letter acronym.  Bazinga.

2)      In one activity, you spend a great deal of time in preparation and planning.  You work out the processes involved from the beginning to the end including training and proofs of concept.  Following that is the actual event where all the stars line up and everything goes according to plan…only it doesn’t.  And then the best thing you can hope for is an avalanche of frigidity from dozens of now “would be” friends.  In the other, someone dumps ice water over your head.

3)      In the IBC, the most difficult part of the process lasts for perhaps 10 – 15 seconds.  During this time, you find it hard to breathe and your body seizes up making it hard to think or move.  In the world of IAM, the most difficult part can last 10 – 15 months.  Or in some cases, it never ends.  During this time, you find it hard to breathe and your body seizes up making it hard to think or move.

4)      Both can be overly-elaborate, complex and difficult to execute if not done correctly.  Take for instance Bill Gates’ IBC, comedy intended no doubt.

5)      On the other hand, it need not be that way.  Both can also be done simply, elegantly and with dramatic results.  Take for instance our customer, Williams Energy, and their implementation of IAM using our solutions

Seriously though.  The Ice Bucket Challenge has been fantastic.  It’s raised literally millions of dollars in incremental donations for the Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) Association, a worthwhile cause to be sure.  If you’ve not been challenged, consider yourself challenged.  If you have done it (and donated) congratulations and thank you.  And note that all members of the IAM product marketing team have already successfully completed the Ice Bucket Challenge.

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