The One Identity Solution team had the opportunity to spend the day with Perry Carpenter of Gartner. In addition to the normal NDA discussions of strategy and plans, Perry gave us a great overview of the state of the IAM market, the role One Identity can play in that market, and some interesting things to consider. In no particular order here's some highlights.


Identity and access management CAN be simple -- usually it isn't but it certainly can be it just depends on the approach you take. New concepts like identity intelligence, business-driven IAM, and identity self service help to eliminate much of the cost and complexity typically associated with "traditional" IAM.


Privileged account management is like the wild west -- some PAM solutions (like password vaults) are mature and universally applicable, but other options (such as session audit and system-specific delegation) are much more hit-and-miss. The capabilities of different vendors vary widely and the perceived relevance to specific customers varies just as widely. One Identity offers the most comprehensive and capable suite of PAM solutions on the market today.


Who is really in the market for IAM solutions? -- Historically the only organizations that could afford "real" IAM were the largest ones with the deepest pockets. That was due to the fact that IAM from the framework vendors is expensive, takes a long time to get up-and-running, and is entirely customized in nature. But the IAM needs of smaller or more frugal organizations are just as real. Normally these organizations are left to either address point problems with point solutions, build their own solution, or simply ignore the problem and hope it doesn't come back to bite them later. One Identity is in a unique position to serve these organizations with affordable, modular, and extremely relevant solutions that cover the gamut of IAM needs.


The user experience is important -- as IAM moves from an IT- and technology-centric exercise to something driven by the business (with much of the work being done by line-of-business personnel) the user interface and look of the solutions are becoming more important. Those of us that aren't in IT are coming to expect the software we use to easily allow us to perform the tasks we want and to look cool while doing it. Gone are the days of command lines and scripting. Today we want CSI-type interfaces that show us exactly what we need to see and enable us to do exactly what we need to do. The identity intelligence capabilities of One Identity, and the innovative identity dashboard reporting available through One Identity come very close to delivering on that dream.

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