• OneIM - PAG Connection via OneIM Safeguard Connector


    We have been trying to establish a connection between Safeguard and OneIM using the OneIM PAG module and OneIM Safeguard Connector from Synchronization Editor. During system creation section, we have been receiving "Unable to retrieve certificates…

  • Dpr_Shell_Migrate error after upgrade from 8.1.5 to 9.0


    After upgrading to 9.0 , DPR_Migrate_Shell passed for all Synchronization projects except for one, it is giving me the following error 

    ErrorMessages  (2024-02-01 14:12:50.877) Migrate all database schemas (SystemId: FTP#66CBC063-859C-4C05…
  • Sync log: Change Display value of system object


    is there a way to edit the display value of the system object in the synchronization log?

    I have a csv connection to import assignments into PersonHasESet.
    These assignments are displayed as "UID_ESet - UID_Person" and I would like to change it to have…

  • Creation/Usage of Transport Files


    OIM Version: 8.1.5

    I've have a requirement to create a Transport file to import some changes from a lower environment into a higher one.

    I've read through the information in the Operational Guide around Transports, and I can't see any answers…

  • SCIM: The request contains invalid parameters or values


    I am trying to connect to a Target System using oAuth authentication method via SCIM. We are using the version 9.0 LTS.

    We populate all the correct values and when we try to test the connection we get the below error message:

    Error returned:…

  • Dynamic property access in sync mapping

    I try to access a property by using this["propertyName", false] instead of $propertyName$. For example a script property

    function string vrtTest() {
       return this["propertyName", false];

    That works fine when I access the property in the target system browser…

  • [SAP ARIBA] CSM_User_Insert error : Erorr while doing JIT creation


    I've created a SCIM connector with SAP ARIBA, which is a cloud application.

    The full synchronisation works well with Inserting/Updating/Deleting.

    We tried to implement the standard process CSM_User_Insert, in order to perfom JIT creation.

  • SAP - Write permission denied for value "Role"


    we are testing a change of the SAP CUA to a new client. Thereby the following error still occurs in the log of the sync in the step "userinCUARole" with the new CUA:

    [810025] SAP user accounts: assignments to role: Write permission denied…

  • Exchange Online shared mailbox members visibility in One Ideneity


    I am trying to find all members of a shared exchange online mailbox, in One Identity. 

    I am looking at the MailBox schema in my exchange online connector via the sync editor

    The properties i am looking at are:

    • GrantSendOnBehalfTo
    • ResourceDelegate…
  • Azure AD Account connection issues.

    Dear One Identity Community,

    We are having an issue creating users in Azure AD using One Identity Manager (OIM). We are getting frozen jobs like AAD_User_Insert and AAD_User Read.

    We have tried the following troubleshooting steps:

    • Made sure that the…
  • Active directory simulation does not work

    Hi to all!

    I've configured an Active Directory connector using the remote connection plugin, it seems to work correctly except for the simulation function. When I click the simulate button I get no any results, but when I run the sync project it performs…

  • Could not load file or assembly 'AAD.Customizer' or one of its dependencies

    Hi All,

    We are using version 8.2 of One Identity Manager. I am trying to create a project using Starling connector, the connection gets established but while loading the schema, I get the error "Could not load file or assembly 'AAD.Customizer' or one…

  • Error in org sync cannot update department structure from source of truth. Error:The account definition cannot be deleted because it was created using an existing account definition

    Hi experts!

    A new change from our HR system was not successfully replicated to OIM

    We are seeing this error in our synchronization logs

    The account definition cannot be deleted because it was created using an existing account definition

    would it be possible…

  • Synchronization Editor - Script for Quota Variables


    with OI9 it is now possible to use variables the set quotas within the workflows of a Sync Project.

    I have used the variables before to write little scripts, and am wondering if I could write a generic script to have flexible quotas in any Sync Project…

  • During membership adhoc provisioning via UNSGroupB, VrtMember mapping is not applied- SCIM Connector


    I'm connecting to ServiceNow via SCIM connector (chose this over OOTB connector since requirement is majorly for user management and not ticket management)

    The User provisioning works fine and the group sync also has no issues. 

    While trying to…

  • Unable to input the password to Create a new SQL Server Logins for the database in Configuration Wizard as it is greyed out, and even unable to use other options as I get different error messages.

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm having a weird issue, I'm not sure if the approach is correct or wrong, as I'm completely new to OIM, and this is happening while creating new SQL Server Logins for the administrator in Configuration Wizard.

    Version: 9…

  • Salesforce Role Provisioning Not Working

    Hello All,
    I am using One Identity Manager version 8.2.
    I have created a salesforce project using Starling connect connector in sync editor.

    Role provisioning process for salesforce user is freezing with error "Method not Allowed" and status = 405. Whereas…

  • Revision filter supported by which connectors

    What are the connectors that support the revision filter? Why doesn't Azure AD support revision filter? Would it be possible for connectors like Azure AD to receive revision filter?

  • In V9.0 LTS profileHasAuthObjectField step, while synching SAP authorization details from Target System it is not synching the data when records are huge

    In V9.0 LTS profileHasAuthObjectField step, while synching SAP authorization details from Target System it is not synching the data when records are huge.

    This step at first instance was supposed to fetch around 80 millions of records which is not able…

  • BC30652Reference required to assembly 'JobComponent, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=5d0660cde5b231fd' containing the type 'JobComponent'. Add one to your project.

    Am upgrading the OIM from 8.1.2 to 9.0 LTS version. While upgrading it has locked my script, because of the below error.

    BC30652 Reference required to assembly 'JobComponent, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=5d0660cde5b231fd' containing…

  • SAP Connector Mapping Issue (HCM)

    Hello experts,

    i am also experiencing an isuue upon reading and mapping data from SAP HCM with SAP R/3 Connector.

    Some info about my DEV environment:

    • Identity Manager 8.2.1
    • Corresponding BAPI successfully imported to the SAP Client
    • SAP NCo installed o…
  • Sync job connecting to SQL server by aad integrated authentication?

    Working to reduce reliance on static passwords for integration. 

    How can I create a sync job to connect to a SQL target system using Azure Active Directory integrated authentication? The account running the job service has access to the SQL I need, but…

  • Synchronisation Project CSV: Unexpected behaviour when adding N:M relationships vom MVP field.


    We are currently in the process of implementing a CSV import for ESets + ESetHasEntitlement. The fun part is, that this is all handled in a single CSV where all the fields we require for ESets are present, as well as pipe-seperated columns with…

  • Error during token refresh

    I have configured a SCIM connector with client certificate authentication method and after a lot of trial and error I managed to establish the connection between One Identity and the Target System.

    The problem starts when I try to browse the users and groups…

  • Documentation in French/German


    Our manager would like to implement One Identity over our network. However, the main office is US-based, but we have many branches in other countries. For example, one of our subcontractor is a floral company in France, while we have several others…