• SAP Connector Mapping Issue (HCM)

    Hello experts,

    i am also experiencing an isuue upon reading and mapping data from SAP HCM with SAP R/3 Connector.

    Some info about my DEV environment:

    • Identity Manager 8.2.1
    • Corresponding BAPI successfully imported to the SAP Client
    • SAP NCo installed o…
  • Sync job connecting to SQL server by aad integrated authentication?

    Working to reduce reliance on static passwords for integration. 

    How can I create a sync job to connect to a SQL target system using Azure Active Directory integrated authentication? The account running the job service has access to the SQL I need, but…

  • Synchronisation Project CSV: Unexpected behaviour when adding N:M relationships vom MVP field.


    We are currently in the process of implementing a CSV import for ESets + ESetHasEntitlement. The fun part is, that this is all handled in a single CSV where all the fields we require for ESets are present, as well as pipe-seperated columns with…

  • Error during token refresh

    I have configured a SCIM connector with client certificate authentication method and after a lot of trial and error I managed to establish the connection between One Identity and the Target System.

    The problem starts when I try to browse the users and groups…

  • Documentation in French/German


    Our manager would like to implement One Identity over our network. However, the main office is US-based, but we have many branches in other countries. For example, one of our subcontractor is a floral company in France, while we have several others…

  • Migrating sync project to 9.0

    After migrating from 8.1 to 9.0 IDM starts the DPR_Migrate_Shells jobs as expected to migrate the sync projects into the newest version.

    The issue is that the credentials for the associated connections are wrong (sql users were changed), therefore the…

  • Facing issue while syncing data from UCI tables to CSM tables


    I am trying to integrate Salesforce with Identity Manager using SCIM Connector. We are using 8.2 version. I created 2 sync projects:

    1. using SCIM Connector 

    2. using UCI connector to load data in CSM Tables

    While running the initial sync for SCIM…

  • Synchronization Editor - Object scope for SAPUser having UserType =Dialog (BAPILOGOND_USTYP)


    we have requirement to synchronize only "Dailog" SAPUser from target system. As not system  filter is supported, we need to add an object filter. Even with 2500 SAPUser, Synchronization Editor can't load the data from target system with…

  • Custom Target System User In Group Sync Error

    Full error:

    Error executing synchronization project (CXU Sync)'s workflow (CXU Sync).
    Workflow (CXU Sync) dependencies could not be resolved automatically.
    The dependency resolution for 16 rules has failed.
    The rule () from mapping (CXU User In Group…

  • Synchronization editor Remote connection - The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send.

    Hi All,

    we are setting up Lotus Domino synchronization project. We have one Job server for all connectors, so this server is "Gateway server". Tools are on another server, so we want to use remote connection to configure synchronization.


  • Salesforce Integration using SCIM Connector

    Hi, I am trying to integrate Salesforce using SCIM Connector. The OneIM version is 8.2 and the salesforce version is 'Winter '23 Patch 6.3'. While providing the endpoint URI for getting schema, Resources and supported service options, I am adding following…

  • Question regarding Exchange Sync project - Mailboxstatistics

    Hello Community,

    we are using One Identity Manager version 8.1.5

    We have made a strange observation in our development environment that we currently cannot explain.

    We are using the Exchange Sync project for Exchange 2016 and the following message /…

  • Map translated departmentname in SynchronizationEditor


    We are using OIM version 8.2.1

    We have our departmentnames translated in Dutch and French. I would like to map the translated value for the departmentname to an external datafield in the Synchronization Editor. I did not find information on how…

  • Sync: Revision value in Powershell Connector

    I have a PS connector project and the source objects all have a lastchanged-field that I use for revision (IsRevision="true").
    The requests are more or less slow (depending on the result size), but there's the possibility to filter by that…
  • SAPHR Synchronization Editor LOG Error [810235] Could not delete object from Person because there are still objects assigned


    Currently we are using version 8.1.3.

    Once in a while the client team review the log of the synchronization  project "SAPHR" (CSV File import).

    The log contains a few error messages regarding Synchronization step "Person".


  • Upgrading from 8.1.5 to 9.1 issues with sync projects

    We have upgraded our Dev environment to version 9.1 from 8.1.5. Database, workstation tools upgraded and new Database Agent running.

    Last hurdle is to get the Synchronization Editor to upgrade the sync projects.

    Firstly, the upgrade process of our job…

  • SAP User field Ltime <---> LASTLOGON not synchronized


    I have a question about Synchronization progect for SAP R/3. Last Logon info is not imported automatically during the synchronization of all users. For some Users it is updated but not for everyone. If I trigger the read process for this SAP users…

  • How to convert special characters in a Synchronization Editor's connector?


    I'm working on a connector from client's target system to One Identity. 

    The matching key is first name - last name.
    Sometimes, however, the first name and last name accents or special characters on the target system and on One Identity do…

  • Sync: System filter in powershell Connector

    I want to know if there's a way to define a system filter in powershell and if not, if there's a workaround.


    We have defined a schema class and its listing command returns all the objects from the target system. Now we want to have different…

  • Custom connector for sync project

    we are trying to connect to a denodo instance (virtual database).

    Although there's a way to connect over ADO.NET (via Postgres provider) there seems no way to get that working smoothless (since INFORMATION_SCHEMA is not implemented in denodo). Thus…

  • Issue in connecting to Active Directory


    Using One Identity Manager v8.2
    I am trying to establish a connection with AD. The process works fine till testing domain controller connection. But, fails while loading schema.

    To be specific I am getting below error in crash report.

  • Issue in connecting to Active Directory


    Using One Identity Manager v8.2
    I am trying to establish a connection with AD. The process works fine till testing domain controller connection. But, fails while loading schema.

    To be specific I am getting below error in crash report.

  • Import a set of system roles to assign it to an user

    Hi everyone, 

    I'm new in OIM and I'm working in a group were we're try to make a migration of IAM solution to OIM 8.2.

    One problem we're facing, is import system roles of an user (which are listed in the csv file) and map them to the same user…

  • How to add Date scope on Target system in synchronization editor?

    Hello All,

    I am trying to add scope on the Target System side in the synchronization Editor. The target is an sql database table and has a column named UPDATEDATE. we are planning to bring and sync records that are having the UPDATEDATE as the day before…

  • The object of type (ADSAccount) was ignored during synchronization. - Active Directory

    I'm trying to create users inside the "Manager", but not synchronize I get the message in the report: "The object of type (ADSAccount) was ignored during synchronization." - "Reason: The object has pending process steps".…