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Eight Ways to Analyze Privileged Sessions to Identify Your Most Suspicious Activity

  • Datum der Aufzeichnung:Jun. 21, 2018
  • Veranstaltung:Aufgezeichnete

When you funnel all administrative sessions - such as RDP and SSH - through a privileged session solution, it provides new ways to analyze activity in real-time so you can detect rogue admins and hijacked accounts.

Watch this Randy Franklin Smith-hosted webcast on demand to learn about the eight ways that you can analyze privileged activity to prevent damage from compromised privileged accounts.

Was Sie lernen werden

Find out how using an aggregate risk score decreases the amount of false positives. Once the score reaches the danger zone, the solution can:

  • Flag the session for later review
  • Immediately alert a security analyst or account holder
  • Terminate the session immediately
  • Suspend a compromised or malicious account


Randy Franklin Smith - CEO, Monterey Technology Group

Richard Hosgood - Principal Systems Consultant, One Identity