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Successful integration with SAP solutions

Successful integration with SAP solutions

SAP is the global market leader for enterprise application software. SAP solutions are used to oversee all a company’s business processes, such as warehousing, sales, purchasing, but also controlling, accounting and human resources. These solutions were classically offered as on-premises solutions and can also be found in this form in almost every company. Cloud transformation also offers the opportunity for existential business applications to be offered more cost-effectively, efficiently, reliably and securely.

On our mutual customers’ journey of cloud transformation, One Identity, as a partner of SAP, supports with their holistic identity-centric security solutions and enables security at every stage of the transformation: whether at the beginning where the critical business solutions are still on-premises, in a hybrid world where both on-premises solutions and cloud solutions need to be secured holistically and identities need to be aggregated and managed across the different infrastructures, or in a pure cloud infrastructure where all identities are in the cloud.

Successful integration with SAP solutions

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