ServiceNow and Identity Governance

ServiceNow and Identity Governance

What do you get when the whole is greater than the simple sum of its parts? Synergy. The integration of Identity Manager, the leading IGA solution, with ServiceNow, the leading ITSM solution, is a prime example of synergy. The integration between Identity Manager and ServiceNow gives mutual customers complementary identity access governance and service management solutions that ensure controls are in place to meet ever-stringent security and compliance requirements around user access to sensitive applications. 

IGA and ITSM solutions share the common goal of improving productivity through automation. The integration of Identity Manager ServiceNow Connector enables provisioning for ServiceNow accounts and groups, as well as management of users’ access to different roles and groups. The ITSM integration extends Identity Manager’s governance to disconnected applications by automating the creation of ServiceNow tickets for manual provisioning tasks.

This integration is provided in 3 key-ways: 

  1. Connector Integration
  2. Ticket Integration
  3. Service Catalog Integration

ServiceNow and Identity Governance



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