IAM for Cyber Insurance: Beyond 2FA

IAM for Cyber Insurance: Beyond 2FA
  • 録画日:Feb. 14, 2024
  • イベント:オンデマンド
IAM for Cyber Insurance: Beyond 2FA

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a vital component of any cyber security strategy, enabling organizations to regulate and oversee access to their data, systems and resources. But IAM isn’t just a technical solution – it’s a catalyst for business advancement and a crucial shield against risk. 

In this webinar, discover how IAM helps organizations reduce cyber risks, meet regulatory requirements, align with corporate risk management objectives, and influence cyber insurance decisions and premiums.

Experts will explore: 

  • What IAM is and why it’s important for cyber security 
  • How IAM can affect cyber insurance policies and costs 
  • What the key elements and challenges of a successful IAM program are 


  • Larry J. Chinski, Vice President, Global IAM Strategy | One Identity 
  • Stacey Blanchard, Global Vice President of Professional Services | One Identity 



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