ハイブリッドAD環境の管理の 苦痛を緩和する上位5つの方法

ハイブリッドAD環境の管理の 苦痛を緩和する上位5つの方法

Active Directory is everywhere and Azure Active Directory (AAD), its rapidly growing, cloud-based cousin, is quickly gaining ground. But, you should know that AAD is not simply a cloud copy of an on-prem AD instance. It is a wholly separate environment. That’s why you need to read this eBook. 

In it, you’ll learn about five potentially pain-inducing challenges you must overcome as you transition your organization to a hybrid AD implementation.

Get your own copy to read about how One Identity Active Roles can help you:

  • Manage your entire hybrid environment with one solution
  • Avoid common implementation mistakes
  • Ensure your AD/AAD data is synched cleanly
  • Elevate security protecting admin accounts
  • Leverage workflow templates to accelerate deployment

ハイブリッドAD環境の管理の 苦痛を緩和する上位5つの方法



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