Security Starts Here - Privileged Access Management

Security Starts Here - Privileged Access Management The need to support safe and secure remote access for administrators, high-profile breaches (SolarWinds, Twitter and CapitalOne) and the increasing use of cloud-based resources to execute crucial tasks have made Privileged Access Management (PAM) the priority identity security project. Administrator credentials have long been the primary target of hackers as they enable access to mission-critical resources and confidential data. But you can protect your organization and easily combated this threat with effective privileged access management (PAM) practices. In this e-book, you’ll discover: 

  • Why privileged accounts are prime sources of security breaches 
  • Tips for managing or eliminating privileged accounts to minimize risks 
  • Best practices for monitoring administrative activities 
  • How to marry next-generation privileged access management with governance 

Read this e-book for essential information on the common security issues with privileged access management, and learn how you can minimize or eliminate them altogether. 

Security Starts Here - Privileged Access Management



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