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Cloud-first protection: Meditology's privileged access management transformation

Cloud-first protection: Meditology's privileged access management transformation
Safeguard On Demand fortifies this cybersecurity consulting firm’s cloud-first strategy with streamlined and robust access management solutions
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Meditology, a leading cybersecurity consulting firm, was struggling with the management of access to critical accounts and data, especially when it came to personnel changes. Its former vendor failed to provide adequate support, leading to frustration and inefficiencies. With a pressing need for streamlined access management, they sought a solution that could seamlessly integrate with their cloud-centric operations.
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It was very important that this was going to be easy to manage for us, and we really got that with Safeguard.

Jonathan Elmer chief information security officer, Meditology
IT Services and Consulting


Meditology chose One Identity’s Safeguard On Demand for its robust privileged access management (PAM) and remote launch sessions. They prioritized ease of use and customer service during the selection process and found that One Identity exceeded expectations.


  • Enhanced cybersecurity resilience in a cloud-only environment
  • Minimized risk of operational disruptions and downtime
  • Improved user adoption due to a clean and intuitive interface
  • Strengthened regulatory compliance

The Story

About the customer

Meditology Services, a leading cybersecurity consulting firm, provides specialized services tailored to the healthcare industry. The company prides itself on being a cloud-only environment, with zero on-premises infrastructure. Alongside its core consulting services, Meditology also houses CORL Technologies, a third-party risk management service catering to clients beyond the healthcare sector.

Access management challenges

The lack of proper access management within the company was creating situations where critical access credentials became inaccessible, risking operational continuity. Meditology was facing hurdles in deploying and managing access control systems efficiently, especially in legacy applications without single sign-on capabilities.

Their previous vendor fell short of meeting their needs, struggling to align services with the organization's cloud-centric environment. This prompted Jonathan Elmer, chief information security officer at Meditology, to begin the search for a privileged access management (PAM) solution that provides a secure, efficient and compliant way to manage privileged access.

Finding the right partner

Safeguard On Demand stood out to Meditology for its alignment with their cloud-only infrastructure, robust support for PAM and its ease of use. They appreciated the intuitive user interface that was straightforward from both an end user and administrative perspective, giving them confidence that the solution would be quickly adopted throughout the company.

The superior customer service that the Safeguard team provided, even after the initial deployment, was also a major factor in the overall satisfaction the Meditology team had with Safeguard On Demand. “One Identity has set the new standard for which I will judge all other vendors,” Elmer said. “The customer service has been so phenomenal that I wouldn't recommend anyone else.”

The journey to a more secure and efficient system

Implementing Safeguard On Demand helped Meditology mitigate the risks associated with human error in access management and significantly enhanced their operational efficiency. “Everything about Safeguard just felt like it was a much better fit than the vendor we had just walked away from,” Elmer said.

By leveraging Safeguard On Demand's PAM capabilities, the company streamlined access management processes, particularly for their legacy applications. While deploying enterprise applications posed unique challenges, the solution provided efficient provisioning and revocation of access privileges, ensuring compliance and minimizing security risks.

Meditology is primarily focused on utilizing Safeguard On Demand's PAM and remote launch sessions to enhance security and control access effectively. Their emphasis is on limiting access to privileged accounts and reducing the risk of unauthorized access or misuse.

“I don't think you guys could have made [Safeguard On Demand] any better than it is,” Javen Stegall, information systems and technology specialist at Meditology, said.

Safeguarding data and bolstering compliance

By implementing Safeguard On Demand, the company can rest assured that its admin access is secure, protecting the company’s reputation and minimizing resource costs.

Meditology operates within a highly regulated industry. Safeguard On Demand aligns perfectly with the company's compliance needs, including HITRUST and SOC 2. Ensuring stringent control over access to sensitive data is imperative to not only meet regulatory requirements, but to maintain client trust. Safeguard On Demand's solutions were tailored to effectively address these compliance needs.

Maintaining cyber insurance is not only a compliance requirement for the company but also a necessity for obtaining clients. Safeguard On Demand's solutions complemented Meditology's risk management strategy, meeting industry standards and customer expectations.

Cloud-first security and streamlined access management

Through its partnership with Safeguard On Demand, Meditology enhanced its cybersecurity resilience and operational efficiency in managing privileged access across its cloud-based infrastructure. The seamless deployment, user-friendly interface and unparalleled customer support enabled Meditology to effectively mitigate security risks, safeguarding its reputation and client trust in the healthcare cybersecurity landscape.