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GE.SI.ass: Italian Insurance Consortium tightens data security

We tested both Privileged Password Manager and Privileged Session Manager and the results were good. So, we ruled out the other solutions on our shortlist.

Gianbattista Caragnini, Head of Service Management, GE.SI.ass

Italian firm GE.SI.ass is part of a unique consortium that provides IT services to two European insurance companies. By sharing a data center, mainframe and insurance-specific systems, both firms realize significant savings without compromising security and productivity. However, to provide the best service, GE.SI.ass needed a secure, compliant way to outsource support of complex business intelligence applications to its trusted partners. So, the company turned to One Identity’s privileged management solutions. 

  • Quickly enable its business partners to deliver expert support to customers without compromising security
  • Ensure compliance with data protection requirements
  • Generate set-up time savings of 75 percent
  • Provide convenient skills training

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