• On certain events I want the page in ITShop to scroll to the top or to the bottom of the page, what would be the best way to accomplish this?

    I have some pages where I have listed product categories in tree views on top of the page and the data grids on the bottom of the page showing account products in relevant selected categories.

    When user clicks on any category I want the page to scroll…

  • Frozen jobs: "Created by QBMDBQueueProcess: call method Replace for object type personwantsorg"


    We get, from time-to-time frozen jobs, that I cannot find out the reason for why.

    Is there anyone here, that knows what this means and pherhaps why?

    Here are some examples from the log file from today (I have removed the product and person name):

  • How to create two different container in MasterPane?

    I have to display two grids conditionally.
    There is MasterPane with only one container Inside that container there is Grid node. Here I want to add another container at same level but system not showing option to new node as container.
    So I created two child…

  • Requests on behalf of other

    Hi everybody,

    I know that OneIM provides the possibility to make requests from ITShop on behalf of others; in particular I know that a manager can make requests on behalf of his direct subordinates whether he is their direct manager or he is the manager…

  • Identity Manager IT SHOP integrated with REST API

    How can I create a product request in Identity Manager IT Shop using the REST API?

    I realy need to insert in all tables that are related with ITShop cart and PWO?

    Anyone has a script that help me to find a way to solve this problem?

  • ITShop Person Changes Saving as SA in One Identity Manager 7.1

    When our ITShop saves changes to person XUserUpdated in the Person table is recorded as "sa". ITshop is configured for Active Directory. Where/What do we need to change to have ITShop record the changes as being performed by the ITShop logged in AD user…

  • IT Shop Tutorials for 8.1???


    I'm new to this forum & OIM. Would anyone know where I can find an overview of features & configuration for IT Shop? I've been assigned the task of configuring this & I'm not sure as to where to start. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated…

  • HTML Development samples

    The OneIM_HTML5_Development_Guide states:

        The HTML applications are structured as nodeJS applications that use the Angular
        framework. Generally, any HTML applications that can be compiled as nodeJS applications
        are supported.

    Does that mean all HTML applications…

  • Issue in ITShop: "Not yet implemented -> [Hash function for key"

    Hi there,

    when trying to authenticate to the ITShop with an enabled/internal Person in the context Employee (Role-based), AD (Manual) or AD integrated the error message "Not yet implemented -> [Hash function for key xyz]" returns.


  • Employee's manager with no editing rights in the web shop

    Hello everyone,

    in the web portal, by default, each employee's manager can add, edit and assign a new manager to an employee.

    Is it possible  for manager only view their employees while only some specific employees can add, edit (all) employees and…

  • ItShop Request properties required

    I have built multi request resources with request items and assigned them to service items. I have some required columns populating the Shopping Cart Item defined in the request item. It all works fine. However, when I request the shop item, I get a pop…

  • Issue with mail template script

    Hello experts,

    I am calling a script in my approval mail template but getting some weird error while script being called.

    Am I missing any connection string here?

    Error : 

    Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.
    at Designer.ScriptEditor…

  • Business Role owner cannot remove members

    we have around 300 business roles published as assignment resource on IT shop. Currently role owners can only see role information on IT shop.

    However, they annot remove members unlike manager of AD group, where group manager can remove members from…

  • Calculate number of approvers for custom decision step


    OneIM 8.1 

    IT Shop.

    I created custom decision step in custom workflow with custom approval procedure.

    Approval procedure can return some approvers. 

    I need that all approvers from the custom approval procedure will make decision.

    How can I calculate…

  • Change from system role to multi requestable/unsubscribable resource

    When a product in the IT shop has a system role attached to the service item, is there a way to change it to a multi requestable/unsubscribable resource without cancelling existing orders made by users?


    Rune Hystad

  • ITShop - retain service item on relocation


    In the Identity Manager 8.0 - IT Shop Administration Guide you say:

    Table 5: General Master Data for a Service Item

    Retain service item assignment on relocation Specifies whether requests belonging to this service item remain intact when a customer…
  • disable search field in IT Shop in the upper pane

    Hi 1IM Forum, 

    I'm running 1IM 8.1.1. I need to disable the search field that is available to IT Shop users at the very top of the page and being part of the upper bar. Could you please help me with that? 

  • IT shop not available in web portal

    Hello Team,

    We have been assigned with ITSHOP from Manager tool but in web front end IT SHOP is not showing up for navigating.

    Do we have to change any setting in Web designer to make the IT SHOP available in web portal?

  • Moving Products from one Shop to a new Shop

    Hello everyone. we are running Identity manager version 8.0.2.

    we have two types of users in our production: employees and contractors. Both these types of users are cusotmers of a Shop inside IT shop (customer dynamic role: isinactive=0). We have entitlements…

  • IT shop search value


    I have One Identity Manager v 8.1.2, as you know, by default, when you perform a new request into the IT Shop, the search field performs a search on the names of the service items. Is it possible to change the search criteria? I mean, could you…

  • Active assignment request

    We are facing the same issue 8.0.2 IT shop assignment is not working as expected basically it show for the requester that the product he requested is assigned   (E.x business roles/ other entitlement) user try to use requested product since approvals got…

  • IT Shop Search version 8.1.1


    I have two web servers, configured with  with LB configuration.
    I configured both the web servers with APP Server.
    When I try to do search and below is the error message.
    The same error message (Regardiung Entitlements) was a bug in earlier version…
  • IT SHOP - Report


    i'm new on this product.

    I need to konw if it's possible to show report results directly in the web page of IT SHOP or it's only possible to recevive them via email ?

    Many Thanks


  • IT Shop still showing "InActive" employees.

    Hello All,

    We are having a little issue with InActive employees still showing on Web portal for managers in their direct reports.  I have the parameter set  for "QER\ITShop\AutoCloseInactivePerson"... Is there anything else that i need to do to remove those…

  • Completed requests either do not show or show in Canceled Requests....

    Hello All,

    when a person requests something on IT Shop, if the request was approved and completed it doesn't show in Approved request under request history for that person... There are times it won't show those requests at all or they will end up in…