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Cybersecurity Trends and Insights

IT professionals all over the world are working hard to implement a Zero Trust model, least-privilege policies and achieve identity-centric security. Given the complexity and evolving nature of threats, it’s an ongoing challenge to close cybersecurity exposure gaps. To help you save time and hassle, we are sharing experiences as told by your fellow cybersecurity and IT leaders. View the videos in the webcast series at your convenience to learn what to be aware of and what to avoid as your organization moves to a Zero Trust and identity-centric security model.

Cybersecurity Trends and Insights

This video series delivers hard-won, real-world insights from IT security professionals as they share challenges and successes experienced on the road to identity security.

Cybersecurity: Trends and Insights: Narayan Sharma of TCS 14:56

Cybersecurity: Trends and Insights: Narayan Sharma of TCS

Narayan Sharma of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) talks about Zero Trust, changes in the IT security landscape and three priorities that should be on every CISO’s to-do list.
Making Zero Trust a Reality 43:53

Making Zero Trust a Reality

Forrester Principal Analyst, Heidi Shey discusses the realities of Zero Trust with Cosmin Dragu, Engineering Manager for IAM at IKEA. Hot topics include common misconceptions about Zero Trust, how security leaders can get organizational buy-in, user-experience issues, and more.
Cybersecurity at the C-Suite Level 13:48

Cybersecurity at the C-Suite Level

Andrés Diego discusses PWC Global Trust Survey findings, such as:

  • Security concerns/challenges
  • Critical work of CISOs
  • The importance of cyber resilience, managed security services and identity security
The Evolving Identity Security Landscape 08:52

The Evolving Identity Security Landscape

Rajiv Sagar, Global Cybersecurity Lead, Avanade, discusses the current cybersecurity threat landscape, common identity management struggles, and the future of identity security.
Cybersecurity Trends and Insights: Consolidation and digital transformation 13:05

Consolidation and digital transformation

Overcome the challenge of ensuring identity security while consolidating systems during digital transformation. Featuring Massimiliano Ferrazzi, group CIO from Pieralisi
Cybersecurity Trends and Insights: How to manage expansive & global initiatives 08:39

Straightforward advice for cybersecurity colleagues

Keep it simple, focus on fundamentals and take one step at a time when working on complex projects and challenges, including rolling out a Zero Trust model. Featuring Paige Adams, Global CISO for Zurich.
Cybersecurity Trends and Insights: CISO shares his priorities & concerns for the future 08:22

Priorities and concerns for the future

Hear what’s a cybersecurity priority to Martin Bally, a C-level ITsec veteran who has guided security strategies at some of the world’s largest companies.

Practical advice from the road to least privilege and beyond

This new video series – and its growing list of partner and customer discussions – aims to provide perspectives on many aspects of cybersecurity, including Zero Trust, least-privilege and controlling the root cause of many modern security issues – identity sprawl.

On any journey, it’s helpful to consult with those who have already experienced the challenges and potential pitfalls that lie before you. And when it comes to deploying a Zero Trust cybersecurity model, it’s no different. The ultimate objective is to implement a unified identity security platform to centralize control of all the systems, apps and environments that make up your hybrid, multi-generational enterprise.