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Active Directory Management Webcast Series

In this monthly webcast series, we will show you how to extend and enhance native capabilities of Active Directory and Azure Active Directory with One Identity Solutions.

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Employees come and go, systems and applications require provisioning, and laptops seem to walk away all too often. A provisioning delay can put your business at risk with all this going on. You need privileges assigned or decommissioned as soon as permissions need to change. 

Please look at this webcast to find out how One Identity Active Roles just-in-time provisioning for Safeguard allows you to add accounts in Active Directory to the appropriate security group (including password and session requests) as soon as they have been approved in Safeguard. 

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Developing and strengthening a Zero Trust framework requires a delicate balance of technology and artistry. You need a robust solution to grow within your organization, as well as policies and procedures in place to make sure you don’t deviate from your security framework. 

View this webcast to find out how One Identity Active Roles extends and enhances the capabilities of Active Directory, allowing you to implement security policies and delegation at scale, eliminate bottlenecks, and increase security, all while maintaining functionality and supporting growth. 

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In today’s tech landscape, there are multiple methods, interfaces and nuances to manage your hybrid Active Directory (AD)/Azure AD environment. User onboarding, lifecycle management and even deprovisioning add complexity to managing this critical environment.

In this session, we cover how to:

  • Simplify and streamline AD management
  • Consolidate AD management into a single pane of glass
  • Gain functionality and visibility

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Can you easily provide the answer to: What does a user have access to and why? Take a programmatic approach to identity security. 

View this on-demand webcast and learn how to provide governance for AD groups that enable the business to execute important tasks such as AD group clean-up, request, enrollment, attestation, and remediation, while satisfying audit requirements, not only for AD, but across your enterprise.  

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One Identity Active Roles makes every solution that depends on Active Directory (AD) and Azure Active Directory (AAD) better by managing, monitoring, and securing AD/AAD. 

Learn about how Active Roles integrates and enhances the capabilities of One Login’s access management solutions as well as One Identity’s Starling CertAccess and Safeguard.

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While Active Roles can provide significant benefits to companies across all industries, the need for an Active Directory management and security solution becomes even more important in highly regulated industries like financial services, insurance, and healthcare where Active Directory (AD) and Azure Active Directory (AAD) security, compliance, and governance is critical. 

Learn how Active Roles can help address key scenarios faced by companies in these industries, delivering a consistent and simplified AD/AAD management experience, protecting at scale, and reducing risk for these organizations.

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Ready to extend Active Roles capabilities to your Azure AD? With the hybrid-ready and comprehensive One Identity Active Roles AD/Azure AD management and security solution, you can automate and simplify your workflows and critical identity administration tasks, such as provisioning, group management and identity lifecycle management across your hybrid AD environment. 

View this on-demand webcast to learn how Active Roles: 

  • Helps ensure AD admins & users in your hybrid AD environment only have the rights necessary to do their jobs 
  • Increases security & saves administration time through better control & visibility of your hybrid AD environment 
  • Enables faster deployment of hybrid AD & cloud environment for increased efficiency 
  • Increases IT efficiency & user productivity through accelerated user account provisioning & management 

Presenter: Dan Conrad, Global Strategist, One Identity 

On Demand



View this on-demand recording of a live webcast to learn how to set an affordable path to implement cloud-based capabilities with Starling CertAccess that closes security gaps by extending the capabilities of Active Roles to deliver Access Request and Access Certification across your enterprise. Users can request access to the resources they need to do their job on a daily basis as well as request temporary permission to additional resources for special projects or tasks. Be sure that users have the access they need, and you get automated certification processes to help prove compliance.

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View this on demand webcast and learn how to build an adaptive Zero Trust framework to protect at scale and reduce risk. In this webcast we cover how to:

  • Remove vulnerabilities & eliminate relaxed permissions with just-in-time (JIT) provisioning & permissions
  • Control user access, delivering access to only what’s needed for the user’s job
  • Create accounts dynamically & assign privileges to them – reducing heavy IT involvement

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Mergers and acquisitions bring massive changes to your Active Directory (AD)/Azure AD. View this on-demand recording of a live session that shares how to use Active Roles to take the pain out of M&A and sudden changes. Learn about:

  • Setting a foundation
  • Acquisition assessment
  • Tightening credential management
  • Building an IT undo button

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