Get IAM Right - Insight Series with One Identity

Get IAM Right - Insight Series with One Identity



  • Date:Nov. 28, 2017
  • Event:Online
Get IAM Right - Insight Series with One Identity
Join One Identity for our biweekly Insight Series of live webinars designed to help you Get IAM Right. Each webinar focuses on a specific area of identity and access management (IAM) and demonstrates real-world solutions that help you overcome the most common IAM challenges.

Register for an upcoming webinar or view an on-demand version of past sessions. Each 30-minute webinar will emphasize solving your IAM issues, not on hard selling our solutions.

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What you will learn

Here’s what the Insight Series has planned:

November 28 - Achieving end-to-end governance
Governance, or the process of ensuring that access is correct and provable across the entire enterprise, is the pinnacle of IAM maturity. But often governance is tackled as an afterthought that prevents its true benefits from manifesting. However an end-to-end approach to governance that is built in from the start, includes not only user access but also access to data and privileged accounts, and places the visibility and control in the hands of the line-of-business is not only possible but easily achievable. This webinar will show you how.

December 12 - Privileged access management for hybrid cloud environments
Moving to the cloud can offer some significant benefits, but ensuring security and achieving compliance in cloud based environments can pose challenges. So how do you leverage the cloud yet still remain secure?  In this Insight Series webinar we’ll demonstrate how to implement a hybrid cloud approach to PAM that enables you to have the best of both worlds.


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August 1 - Identity Lifecycle Management in a hybrid AD environment
Learn how to overcome the shortcomings of native tools and streamline and automate one of the most troublesome IAM activities in a hybrid environment.

August 15 - The changing face of privileged access management
Privileged access management solutions have been around for a long time, but in most cases they have not kept up with the evolution of the technologies they are meant to protect. See how One Identity Safeguard, the next-generation PAM solution addresses your modern challenges.

August 29 - The Swiss Army Knife approach to access management
With the constantly shifting landscape of user authentication and access control, it’s tempting to focus on the next big thing at the expense of your legacy systems and users. In this webinar, we discuss a blended approach to authentication that delivers flexibility and simplicity so you can easily support all your systems and users – legacy, digitally transformed, cloud, on-prem…whatever.

September 12 - Securing the solutions that protect your privileged accounts
When your organization deploys solutions to manage and monitor privileged access, it is also critical to control access to those solutions themselves.
In this Insight Series webinar, we’ll discuss how the hardened-appliance approach ensures that your solution for privileged access management is not the weak link.

September 26 - Identity analytics - a more collective defense
When it comes to reducing identity-related risks, identity analytics is a logical addition to an organization’s larger IAM arsenal. Solutions have been primarily focused on the area of behavior analytics – i.e., looking at what type of behavior occurred and the reasoning behind this behavior. However, they should also be focused on identity analytics and reducing risk before bad behavior impacts the business. Learn how a solution from One Identity allows you to preempt bad behavior and, accordingly, reduce your attack surface before an issue occurs.

October 10 - Frictionless privileged access management that satisfies both auditors and your admins
Learn how to strike the perfect balance between compliance and operations as you manage and secure privileged accounts and administrator access.

October 31 - Get enterprise provisioning right – finally
Perhaps the biggest challenge in IAM is provisioning and deprovisioning in a constantly evolving enterprise that includes legacy systems, mission-critical solutions, cloud properties, and whatever the next big thing is. Once you finally get one system or scenario figured out, another raises its ugly head and you have to start all over again. It doesn’t have to be that way. This webinar will demonstrate a flexible and agile approach to provisioning that solves today’s problems today but sets you up for success with whatever tomorrow brings.

November 14 - Don’t protect privileged accounts with just a password
You’ve decided that you need to ensure the security of your privileged accounts by using a privileged password safe. But if you provide access to all those accounts with just a simple password are you really increasing your security. Don’t protect your passwords with a password. Learn how to augment the security of these “crown jewels” for ultimate protection without sacrificing efficiency or obstructing operations.

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Nov. 28, 2017 11:00 AM EST Achieving end-to-end governance on Adobe Connect
Dec. 12, 2017 11:00 AM EST Privileged access management for hybrid cloud environments on Adobe Connect

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