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A Unified Approach to Identity Security

In this webinar series, we are bringing expert testimony on the importance of the ever-growing shift in our customers' security posture, given their concerns about keeping the expanding threat landscape at bay.

Security executives need to shift from a fragmented to a unified approach to close cybersecurity exposure gaps and to converge to a platform consisting of governance, access (including privileged access) and administration. 

An identity-centric model should allow an organization to:

  • Harden privilege instead of endpoints
  • Ensure all identities are correlated and visible
  • Remove friction with better integration
  • Manage identity consistently
  • Better and faster add, remove, and adjust privilege just in time
Join industry experts in each of the following webinars to learn how to unify your identity security.

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Time: 10:00 AM CST
Location: Microsoft Teams Live

Amidst the groundbreaking impact of DevOps practices on software development, challenges in aligning security measures—especially in privileged access management—have surfaced. This webcast delves into the critical need for seamlessly integrating DevOps methodologies with Privileged Access Management (PAM). 

In this webcast, software development experts explore strategies that emphasize enhanced security, efficiency and collaboration without disrupting the DevOps workflow. Learn how this approach: 

  • Embraces existing vaulting technologies, offering flexibility and eliminating the need for proprietary solutions, aligning security with dev team preferences 
  • Advocates for unified collaboration between security and dev teams, embedding security into the DevOps process from inception 

Learn the importance of prioritizing security without impeding productivity and gain actionable insights to help your organization bridge the divide between DevOps and PAM. 


  • Rich Hosgood: One Identity PAM Principal Pre-Sales Engineer
  • Jason Moody: One Identity Global Product Marketing Manager 




Time: 11:00 AM EST
Location: Microsoft Teams Live

OneLogin’s most recent product innovations in the areas of passwordless, desktop-level MFA, adaptive authentication and privilege access management (PAM) collectively address the most pressing access management challenges faced by organizations today.   

Join our webcast with OneLogin experts to learn more about how OneLogin: 

  • Empowers you to eliminate traditional password vulnerabilities 
  • Adds another layer of security to defend against unauthorized access 
  • Assesses user behavior continuously to adapt security measures in real-time  
  • Enforces access controls for critical resources and ensures compliance 

Together, these capabilities not only fortify against evolving cyber threats but also streamline user experiences. In this webcast, our OneLogin team will provide more details about these product innovations, discuss the benefits that they bring to organizations like yours and run some exciting demos to showcase how they work.  


  • Stuart Sharp – One Identity VP of Product Strategy 
  • Mark Cockbill – One Identity Sr. Manager of Solution Engineering (EMEA) 
  • Sean Robinson – Senior Solutions Engineer (North America) 

On Demand



In an era of distributed and pervasive digital connectivity, cyber threats pose significant physical, financial and reputational risks. Malicious actors are increasingly exploiting identity-focused vulnerabilities and threat vectors to breach our traditional defenses.  

In this webinar, an expert panel explores the identity risk landscape. Join them as they: 

  • Uncover proactive strategies for safeguarding against threats 
  • Dive into the evolving nature of identity challenges 
  • Explore strategies for risk prevention, detection and mitigation  

Enhance your understanding of identity security and gain expert insights to help you develop a resilient identity framework for the digital age. 


  • Jason Revill - Global leader for Avanade's Identity and Access Management and Data Protection Practice. 

  • Robert Byrne - Field Strategist, EMEA | One Identity 

  • Ted Ernst - Senior Product Manager | One Identity

On Demand



Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a vital component of any cyber security strategy, enabling organizations to regulate and oversee access to their data, systems and resources. But IAM isn’t just a technical solution – it’s a catalyst for business advancement and a crucial shield against risk. 

In this webinar, discover how IAM helps organizations reduce cyber risks, meet regulatory requirements, align with corporate risk management objectives, and influence cyber insurance decisions and premiums.

Experts will explore: 

  • What IAM is and why it’s important for cyber security 
  • How IAM can affect cyber insurance policies and costs 
  • What the key elements and challenges of a successful IAM program are 


  • Larry J. Chinski, Vice President, Global IAM Strategy | One Identity 
  • Stacey Blanchard, Global Vice President of Professional Services | One Identity 

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