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Privileged Access Management Savings Calculator

½ the cost ½ the Time

How much can you save with One Identity Safeguard solutions? Simply enter the estimated number of privileged users that you have in your organization, which can include human users, as well as devices and other systems that need admin-level access to critical resources.
See how our next-gen PAM solutions can be procured and installed for about half the cost and in half the time.
The calculator logic includes estimated cost of Windows and Terminal Servers and Active Directory resources to generate your estimated savings.

How many privileged users do you have in your organization?

Please enter at least 10 users.
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Our Competitors Costs*

Cost to license vendors software: 
Windows Servers: 
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Active Directory CALs: 
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Professional Services (Installation and Deployment): 
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Savings with One Identity*

Estimated cost savings on licensing with One Identity: 
Estimated cost savings on Services with One Identity: 
Total cost savings with One Identity: 

* Note: The results are not binding nor are they a quote or a sales estimate. They are for illustration purposes only and a gross estimate of potential savings to purchase and deploy One Identity Safeguard solutions. Your real-world results will vary depending on many factors beyond the scope of this calculator.

Start your Safeguard Virtual Trial Today!

One Identity Safeguard provides frictionless security for privileged access that scales and transforms with your business. Start your virtual trial and see how you can:

  • Deploy in transparent mode with no changes to users’ tools or workflows
  • Automate time-consuming processes for privileged accounts
  • Approve passwords requests from anywhere
  • Monitor, record and audit sessions with real-time alerts and blocking
  • Use pattern-free analysis to detect bad user behaviors
  • Reduce alert noise by categorizing alerts by risk and deviation levels