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Privileged Insider Threats

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Privileged Insider Threats

Protect your organization

Malicious insiders with privileged account credentials can pose a serious threat to your organization. One breach can lead to wiped out databases, misconfiguration of core devices and malware installed on critical systems. With advanced behavioral monitoring tools, you can detect privileged-insider threats to respond quickly and prevent data loss.

Three key challenges that can be solved:

Internal Issues

When malicious insiders are aware that traditional tools can’t detect individual behaviors and intimately know your IT environment and where your critical data resides.

Productivity Problems

When increased layers of authentication make your organization more secure, but make users’ lives more difficult.

Damage Assessment

When determining the extent of the damage caused by an attack or human error becomes too resource intensive.

With privileged analytics you can:

  • Proactively detect threats based on user-behavior patterns
  • See exactly what an insider has done based on searchable, movie-like session playback.
  • Prioritize alerts by risk to help security teams focus on the most important events.
  • View security alerts in context to quickly and easily determine their severity

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