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Easily synchronize user passwords across multiple systems.

Solve your multiple login, multiple user ID/password synchronization problems with NC-Syncom. It increases productivity by allowing a mainframe password syncacross multiple systems, networks, servers and applications. NC-Syncom reduces end-user network service disruptions and can almost eliminate time-consuming password-reset calls to tech support. With a low profile, you can control tens of thousands of users from a single installation with no need to make changes to your systems.


Key Benefits

Access all systems and applications with one password using a mainframe password sync

Supports a broad range of centralized synchronization-server platforms

Quickly and easy installation and deployment

Choose from a wide selection of compatible agent platforms

Control user access from end to end of your enterprise with a single command at the authentication server


Mainframe Password sync

Quickly and securely overcome mainframe password sync and change challenges in distributed environments, thus assuring user access corporate information.

Automatic replication

Password changes are automatically replicated from one system to all other supported systems, such as from RACF/MVS to CA-ACF2/MVS.

Single password for global access

Enjoy uninterrupted operation even as users update password with comprehensive synchronization. So set your corporate password change policies and system requirements and set you worries aside as NC-Syncom synchronizes and manages password changes that occur on users’ defined systems.

Simple deployment

With NC-Syncom, installation and deployment does not modify or intrude on existing software, regardless if they are applications, clients or servers. All NC-Syncom components are server based, thus eliminating the need for to deploy client code, which frees up IT resources for more productive tasks.

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