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A walkthrough of reporting in Identity Manager

One Identity Manager takes the risk out of enterprise identity and access management. Whether on-prem, hybrid or cloud, to secure your organization’s data and meet uptime requirements.  

Identity Manager is based on a data warehouse model that stores all the information from authoritative sources, HR systems along with data and entitlements from target systems. All configuration parameters, approval workflows, SOD (segregation of duties) rules or any provisioning workflow are also stored in the same warehouse. The combination and the availability of all this data will make it easy to represent the required information in a very readable format. 

The information that has been collected can be visualized in many ways in Identity Manager: via graphical and powerful heatmaps and dashboards, modern HyperViews, or in customized and complete reports. This will help to visually track, analyze and display key performance indicators (KPI), metrics and key data points to monitor the compliance of a business, the security rules of a department, or specific process.