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NERC CIP and One Identity Safeguard - Protecting the North American Power Grid

Think about how many aspects of modern life depend on electricity: refrigeration, lighting, traffic control, transportation and all aspects of communications to name just a few. Now think if the whole grid failed because of a bad actor brought it down. It is a frightening thought.

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation Critical Infrastructure Protection (NERC CIP) plan is a set of requirements designed to secure the assets of North America's bulk electric system. The main objective of NERC CIP is to establish a secure perimeter for cyber assets and thus mitigate the risk of unauthorized access and disclosure of critical information.

Read our technical brief to see how PAM solutions, such as One Identity Safeguard, help organizations comply with NERC CIP and enhance an organization’s privileged user identity and access management.

Learn how you can protect against instability in the power grid and comply with this important regulation. This document’s simple formatting walks you through the key aspects of the regulation and explains how the appropriate PAM solution addresses each of them.