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Reduce Risk by Cleaning Up and Maintaining Your User Accounts

A healthy organization today is anything but static. Growing enterprises are always hiring new talent, enabling employees to pursue new opportunities within the organization, and seeing some employees leave the organization. They often make use of contractors and other temporary resources who come and go. Moreover, the organization’s employee base can change radically due to mergers and acquisitions.

Such changes can keep organizations vibrant and successful, but they also often introduce risk. Over time, the changes pile up and the enterprise may discover it can no longer be sure that users have access to only the resources they need to do their jobs or even that accounts are deleted promptly when a user leaves the organization. The organization recognizes that it is at risk of security breaches and compliance violations. But cleaning up the existing identity store — and keeping it cleaned up — can seem like insurmountable tasks.

This technical brief explains the three steps required to clean up and properly maintain your user accounts in accordance with industry best practices. Then it explains how One Identity Manager can streamline the process, enabling your organization to easily and effectively implement identity governance that reduces security and compliance risks.