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Enhance your AWS experience with One Identity: Fortified security, simplified management and streamlined access 

One Identity and AWS relationship delivers unified identity security

Security solutions for cloud and hybrid environments

See how the One Identity and AWS relationship delivers unified identity security, efficiency and compliance to your organization. Our list of solutions available on AWS is steadily growing. Reduce your security risk, close cybersecurity exposure gaps and achieve true compliance with One Identity, which includes identity governance and administration, privileged access management, identity and access management, and Active Directory management and security solutions.

Meanwhile, cybersecurity incidents and extortions are growing both in the cloud and on-premises. One Identity helps organizations increase security and identity management on AWS, on-premises and in hybrid models.

Who has access to your AWS Accounts?

Identity Governance and Administration

One Identity Manager governs and secures your organization’s data and users, meets uptime requirements, reduces risk and satisfies compliance by giving users access to data and applications they need - and only what they need in AWS, whether on-premises, hybrid or in the cloud. Identity Manager is the key to deploying a least-privilege/Zero Trust security model by controlling the data and applications users can access. Identity Manager uses roles, rules and permissions to enable user access to what they need to do their job – nothing more or nothing less.

One Identity Manager provides IGA capabilities to AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM). In conjunction with our SCIM-based Starling Connect service, organizations can create AWS users and groups, and set governance policies for those users and groups. One Identity Manager also delivers the same functionality for AWS Cognito to secure an organization’s development environment.

Access Management

Our OneLogin cloud-based access management solutions securely accelerate cloud integration (including AWS-borne resources), whether you are migrating workloads or building cloud native applications. OneLogin seamlessly manages all digital identities for your workforce, customers, and partners. You can simplify cloud setup and protect corporate data with secure Single Sign-On (SSO), risk-based Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and User Provisioning and Deprovisioning for all your critical applications.

Privileged Access Management

Integrate One Identity Safeguard into your AWS cloud environment to harness its advanced privileged access management (PAM) features. Operating under a 'bring-your-own-license' model, it facilitates seamless auditing of privileged user activity across both on-premises and cloud infrastructures, tailored specifically for small and mid-sized enterprises.

Safeguard for Privileged Passwords ensures secure management of AWS user credentials, bolstering overall security measures. Meanwhile, Safeguard for Privileged Sessions introduces a new level of control over administrative access, thereby fortifying your cloud security posture.

  • Safeguard for Privileged Passwords can securely manage the credentials of AWS users.
  • Safeguard for Privileged Sessions brings new level of control to admin access which strengthens your cloud security.

Active Directory Management

A cloud-ready solution, One Identity Active Roles simplifies AD account lifecycle management for hybrid Active Directory on AWS. Active Roles improves directory management and security of users and group administration with role-based delegation. Migrating AD to AWS is easier with Active Roles helping to ensure data consistency. Active Roles makes zero-standing privilege achievable in your hybrid AD environments.

Why AWS Marketplace?

AWS Marketplace simplifies software licensing and procurement with consolidated billing. Features like one-click deployment, and flexible pricing options help you unlock the best price. A growing number of AWS Marketplace customers, across virtually every industry and geography, are using AWS Marketplace to find, and quickly deploy, a wide variety of third-party software solutions to speed up their migration to the cloud.

One Identity offers complete identity and access management for AWS