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Microsoft + One Identity: Better Together for Security

Zero Trust AD Security is within Reach

Identity security is top of mind for IAM leaders as they seek solutions to stave off breaches and grapple with enabling Zero Trust. See why thousands of companies rely on the combined solution of Microsoft AD/Azure AD with One Identity Active Roles. 

Enhance security. Deliver efficiency. Mitigate risk.

Better Together: Microsoft Active Directory and One Identity Active Roles for Enhanced Security and Efficiency 05:54

Security threats pounce on vulnerabilities, like relaxed user permissions and disparate identities. See how Active Roles fortifies Microsoft AD and Azure AD to increase security and mitigate risk.

Explore analyst written briefs, on-demand webcasts, white papers – and see how the combination of Microsoft AD/Azure AD and One Identity Active Roles is better together to dramatically improve security and efficiency. Define your strategy to limit vulnerabilities and increase security in your AD/Azure AD environment. 

View episode #1 – Microsoft and One Identity = Better Together to Deliver Zero Trust 37:09

View episode #1 – Microsoft and One Identity = Better Together to Deliver Zero Trust

Better Together Podcast Series - Zero Trust and Azure AD/AD cybersecurity strategies

If you use Microsoft Active Directory and/or Azure Active Directory to manage user access and permissions, then you need to watch our new Better Together podcast series. It features AD/AAD subject matter experts from Microsoft and One Identity sharing insights and best practices.  

In episode No. 1, you'll hear various aspects of the Zero Trust security model discussed, including challenges and best practices that can accelerate the adoption and maintenance of the model.

Top 5 Identity Solutions to Enable Trust & Security

How do your peers plan to enable Zero Trust? Should you focus on identity security or hone in on privileged access? See the data in this IDC Info Snapshot to learn where your cybersecurity colleagues are investing. Get your copy to see:

  • IDC data on technologies IT leaders will invest in
  • How to prioritize identity management tools 
  • Top solutions to secure AD/Azure AD

IDC: Top 3 Ways to Fortify AD to Improve Security and Efficiency

Security and efficiency are top of mind for identity and access management (IAM) leaders, especially as they seek solutions to stave off breaches and grapple with enabling zero trust. Microsoft Active Directory (AD) and Azure AD may be your most important security tool. As the traditional perimeter dissolves into the cloud and distributed computing, how can AD/Azure AD fill the gap?

Read this analyst Technology Spotlight to get an overview of how organizations can extend the capabilities of AD/Azure AD to limit cybersecurity vulnerabilities and bolster IT security.

IDC Analyst Webcast: Bolster AD Security

Limit your IAM attack surfaces with guidance from thought leaders from IDC, Microsoft’s Chief Security Advisor and One Identity admins as they discuss and spar over how to bolster your security posture and reduce vulnerability of Active Directory with fortified solutions.

Active Directory Buyer's Guide for Cybersecurity and Efficiency

Learn how to bolster AD security in this Buyers Guide webinar, featuring Forrester VP Merritt Maxim and One Identity CTO and IAM leaders. Hear the most impactful considerations for your buyer’s journey in securing and managing Microsoft AD and Azure AD with Active Roles.

10 ways to elevate Active Directory with One Identity Active Roles

Read our new white paper: Better Together: 10 ways to elevate Active Directory with One Identity Active Roles. In this document you will learn 10 steps to enhance the agility, security, and performance of Active Directory. Each step will show you how One Identity Active Roles can enable or accelerate that process.

The City of Coppell secures citizen and employee information with Active Roles

The ability to assign someone in a department the permissions to set up a new user, without granting them full AD admin permissions is huge. Without Active Roles, that would be impossible.

Jerod Anderson Assistant CIO leia estudo de caso