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Enhance the security and efficiency of your Citrix environment with One Identity Safeguard for Privileged Sessions (SPS). By integrating Safeguard with Citrix, you gain robust real-time monitoring and session recording capabilities, ensuring that all privileged access is meticulously managed and controlled. SPS offers:

  • Real-time monitoring: Instantly detect and address suspicious activities to prevent security breaches.
  • Comprehensive session recording: Record all user activities with tamper-proof audit trails, essential for compliance and forensic investigations.
  • Strict access control: Enforce granular policies to ensure only authorized users access critical systems.
  • Multi-protocol support: Seamlessly support Citrix ICA, SSH, RDP, and more, providing a comprehensive security solution across your network.
  • Effortless deployment: Integrate smoothly into your existing infrastructure without significant changes, minimizing disruption.

Safeguard simplifies compliance audits with detailed logs and real-time alerts, ensuring your organization meets regulatory requirements while maintaining high security standards. Secure your privileged access with One Identity Safeguard for Citrix today and transform your IT environment into a fortified, compliant and efficiently managed system.

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