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Token flexibility

Defender allows you to make use of the full battery life of hardware tokens—typically five to seven years —rather than having a vendor-defined term. Replace tokens as they expire, in a business-as-usual process, instead of replacing all users at one time and incurring the large aggregated costs associated with such a project. Plus, Defender offers software tokens that never expire.

Software Tokens

Soft Token for Android
Soft Token for iOS
Soft Token for Java
Soft Token for Windows
SMS Token
E-mail Token
The Soft Token for Android enables users to use their Android phone as a token. Your users can use this token with Defender for two-factor authentication. Users can download the token from the Android Market, or use the following link on an Android device: Download the Soft Token for Android

Hardware Tokens

OneSpan Go-7

The OneSpan Go-7 is very small, and features a high contrast LCD display and a single button. This combination offers the ultimate in user-friendliness and high security: One push on the button and the OneSpan Go-7 shows a unique one-time password on its LCD display. The user then enters this one-time password into their application login screen.

  • Supplier: Vasco
  • Manufacturer: DigiPass
  • Battery Life: 5 yrs
  • Replaceable Battery: No
  • User Programmable: No
  • Token Storage: Local device
  • Dimensions:  9.5h x 25w x 48d mm
  • Weight: 13 gms
  • Warranty: 3yrs
  • Waterproof: IPx7 (1 meter during 30 min)