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Access multiple applications in VTAM environments to boost productivity.

Increase productivity in VTAM environments and enjoy easy access to multiple application with MultSess mainframe application switching. This high-performance session manager delivers concurrent access to multiple transactions within the same TP monitor.

Designed for IBM's OS/390 MVS environments, this solution enhances management of multiple applications from a single terminal and improves productivity – even when working with more than one connection to the same application.

Key Benefits

Control maximum users per application to prevent overload

Use scripting to automatically access the correct transaction

Perform cutting and pasting between applications

Set up messaging capabilities by terminal, user, application or operator


Switch between applications

MultSess allows you to perform mainframe application switching quickly and easily, saving time and eliminating frustration.

Efficiently manage as many as 255 concurrent sessions

Manage up to 255 high-throughput users while minimizing mainframe CPU resource consumption. You can have concurrent sessions to the same or different applications using menu-driven session selection and single-key switching, anywhere in the network.

Boost productivity and save time

MultSess allows you to work with multiple applications simultaneously, and switch between them quickly, without having to log on and off applications.

Automate common or repetitive transactions

The automated transaction processor (ATP) feature of MultSess makes it easy to automate common or repetitive transactions to VTAM application for multiple users. With a single keystroke, you can log on, select an application from a menu and invoke a transaction.


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