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Password Manager On Demand

Password Manager On Demand provides a simple, secure, self-service SaaS-solution that enables end users to reset forgotten passwords and unlock their accounts. Now your organization can implement stronger password policies, eliminate the potential for a data breach and reduce help desk workload. With Password Manager On Demand, there’s no need to sacrifice security to reduce costs.

Password Manager On Demand supports a range of data security standards, which allows you to implement data-access policies that extend beyond the native control capabilities of Active Directory.

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Key Benefits

Strengthen data-access policies beyond AD’s native controls

Streamline help desk duties

Serve users from multiple domains — with or without trusts

Empower users to self-service basic password tasks

Extend to enterprise-wide password management


Secure data access policies

Adopt more secure data access policies beyond AD’s native controls. With its convenient stored passwords feature, Password Manager enhances security as it eliminates help desk errors and the need for users to write down their passwords. Implement the entire range of security policies and ensure that passwords conform to requirements — per group or organizational unit — for password formatting and composition, history and lockout.

Streamlined help desk duties

Give administrators powerful logging and reporting features to make it easier to monitor password management activity and correct abnormalities. Customizable workflows and activities allow you to customize password policy and reset workflows to match your organization’s business needs.

Multiple domain support

Serve users from multiple domains — with or without trusts. Seamless integration with Windows, strong data encryption and secure communication are provided through support for leading security technologies from Microsoft’s CryptoAPI to SHA256.

User self-service

Empower users with self-service capabilities to handle basic password tasks. Plus, Password Manager helps control IT costs by eliminating the need for users to make expensive calls to the help desk. Users now can enroll in and use self-service to reset their passwords or unlock accounts — and even reset passwords when their system is offline — all of which increases user productivity and reduces downtime.

Enterprise-wide password management

Extend AD-based password management to non-Microsoft operating systems — such as Unix and Linux — through integration with a set of robust tools. You can even support larger IAM initiatives and enterprise-wide password management needs. Expand password management functionality to Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS). Enable self-service unlocking of BitLocker-enabled computers.

One Identity Hybrid Subscription

Expand the capabilities of Password Manager with the One Identity Hybrid Subscription which offers additional cloud-delivered features and services. Gain access to unlimited Starling Two-Factor Authentication to protect administrative and end-user access in Password Manager replacing Telephone Verification Add-On. A single subscription enables all One Identity solution deployments.


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Set Password Policy
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Unlock My Account Workflow
Configure Q&A Policy
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Power BI-based analytics
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Password Manager On Demand

Enable end-user self-service to reset passwords and unlock accounts in a secure password solution

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