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One Identity Resilience Virtual User and Partner Conference

One Identity Resilience – Nov 2-4 | Register Today! 01:40

One Identity Resilience User and Partner Conference is where customers, partners, prospects and product experts from all over the globe meet to discuss solutions, innovations and challenges in the Cyber-security identity market.

Tuesday November 2nd

Tuesday November 2nd


Welcome to Resilience

Presenter: Patrick Hunter, Chairperson for Resilience, Ian Sutherland, VP, Sales EMEA and Terri Robb, VP, Sales NAM



State of Industry and the One Identity advantage

With a dramatic increase in user, machine, and account identities, it is becoming increasingly difficult to protect the people, applications, and data that are the lifeblood of an organization. Learn how you can shift from a fragmented state of managing access rights to a unified strategy, so you attain adaptive resilience and improve your cybersecurity posture.

Presenter: Bhagwat Swaroop, President & General Manager of One Identity



Keynote: Christopher Krebs - Defend today, Protect Tomorrow

Christopher Krebs, former Director of the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, discusses serious and timely issues with relatable stories, surprising insights, a bit of paranoia and a touch of humor. (On-demand session not available for viewing)

Presenter: Christopher Krebs, Founding Partner, Krebs Stamos Group



Hear from Paige Adams from Zurich- what Keeps a CISO up at Night?

There are great forces at work right now that are affecting how organizations protect themselves from bad actors. Hear directly from top security executives about the challenges they are facing, and how they plan to minimize their cybersecurity exposure gaps.

Presenter: Paige Adams, Zurich



The unified identity-centric security platform

Over the past 12 months, One Identity has been hard at work executing on its vision to help organizations take a holistic approach to identity security. Learn more about our Unified Identity Security Platform, how you can correlate all identities across the enterprise, and how this approach can take you one giant step forward in your zero-trust strategy.

Presenter: Joe Garber, VP, Marketing



PAM Breakout


PAMOps- what it is, why it matters, and how to do it well

Most PAM programs are great at securing your administrators and traditional privileged access, but as digital transformation breaks down traditional barriers, the areas where PAM has influence and control are increasing. In this session learn how to successfully implement PAM on non-traditional (but incredibly important) areas, such as DevOps, RPA, remote and third-party administrators, and non-human identities.

Presenter: Alan Radford, Field Strategist, EMEA


IGA Breakout


One Identity Manager and where we are today and our vision for tomorrow

Identity Manager and Identity Manager On Demand govern and provision identities and access for all users whether on-prem, hybrid and cloud across the enterprise. Join this session to learn about the exciting updates being released in 8.2

Presenter: Ted Ernst, Senior Product Manager


AD Breakout


Securing and Fortifying Hybrid AD: What's New With Active Roles

See five ways to fortify AD/Azure AD security and efficiency. Learn how to take advantage of the latest capabilities in Active Roles + Starling CertAccess. Hear highlights of our advances with Active Roles On Demand, Microsoft Teams, SCIM and REST API. Hear what's ahead for you with One Identity Active Roles.

Presenter: Dan Conrad, Field Strategist, NAM



The road ahead: keeping your PAM program on the cutting edge

First-gen PAM solutions were great in their time but are now proving to be too cumbersome, too inflexible, too obstructive, and too proprietary for modern security needs. In this session, hear from Tyler Reese on how the One Identity PAM portfolio provides next-gen PAM and all the advantages that brings. Also learn of exciting new innovations and integrations that will ensure your PAM program continues to adapt to evolving technologies and emerging cybersecurity threats.

Presenter: Tyler Reese, Senior Product Manager


Not All Web UIs Are Created Equal – The final word in UX design

Introducing the new web UI for One Identity Manager. Attend this session to learn how to get the most from the new API, what it looks like and how to customize it.

Presenter: Robert Byrne, Field Strategist, EMEA


Using Active Roles to take the pain out of M&As (Before, During & After)

Learn five ways to use Active Roles to take the pain out of M&A and other massive changes to your Active Directory (AD) / Azure Active Directory (AAD) to increase efficiency and security. This session covers building a foundation, acquisition assessment, management, tightening credential management, and building an IT undo button.

Presenter: Robert Meyers - Channel Solutions Architect



For, in, and from the cloud – the PAM angle

The race to the cloud is driving everything and should be driving your PAM program as well. Unfortunately, most traditional approaches to PAM don't easily retrofit to support cloud strategies. In this session, we discuss how a PAM program can (and should) support your cloud targets and digital transformation priorities; be delivered in whatever method best supports your strategy (on-prem, hybrid, or private cloud); and learn how next-gen PAM is delivered in a pure SaaS model.

Presenter: Wayne Beaudin, PAM Principal


Take a More Holistic Approach to Identity Security: Get Applications Under Governance

Learn how application owners can prove applications are under governance and create a framework for managing business applications that consists of entitlements and roles. Once defined, the entitlements and roles within a business application can be published as self-service items by the owner.

Presenter: Hanno Bunjes,Team Lead, Development


Think Like A Security Officer: strategies to protect against AD breaches and secure your hybrid environments

Lack of strict security policies leads to vulnerabilities and breaches that cost organizations millions. Learn how a security officer approaches protection strategies to remain vigilant and cut off the angles of potential attacks. Strong policies must be implemented consistently and automated to mitigate risk in your Active Directory strategy.

Presenter: Ian Stimpson, Principal Engineer, PreSales



Deconstructing a ransomware attack: A case study

Virtually every headline-generating breach is the result of misuse or abuse of privileged credentials. Proper PAM practices would have gone a long way towards preventing, speeding recovery, and minimizing damages from these incidents. In this session, we'll discuss a recent ransomware attack, looking at what went wrong and what could have been done to mitigate or even prevent the damage.

Presenter: Stacey Blanchard, Director of PreSales, NAM


Get more value from Identity Manager in the new, dynamic world – Adapt to the changes

Integrations with Identity Manager ensure the success of your IGA program. Learn what current integrations are available and what value an Identity Manager implementation bring to ITSM (ServiceNow) access request scenario.

Presenter: Robert Kraczek, Field Stratgist, NAM


Secure and Extend Your AD Environment: Certify Access Rights for Your AD Environment

Learn how to set an affordable path to implement cloud-based capabilities with Starling CertAccess that closes security gaps by extending the capabilities of Active Roles to deliver Access Request and Access Certification across your enterprise. Users can request access to the resources they need to do their job on a daily basis as well as request temporary permission to additional resources for special projects or tasks. Be sure that users have the access they need, and you get automated certification processes to help prove compliance.

Presenter: Robert Kraczek, Field Strategist, NAM and Dan Conrad, Field Strategist, NAM



Tracking the attacker's steps: Using PAM in your incident response toolkit

A modern PAM solution will help you catch attackers trying to impersonate your privileged users, but what happened before that alarm went off? How did the attacker get access? Learn how integration with a security orchestration and response (SOAR) platform can help you gain those insights.

Presenter: Shannon Mathers, PAM architect


Extend visibility beyond the identity perimeter

With identity governance in place, you have visibility inside the identity perimeter. With a universal log management platform, you can extend that visibility to applications, systems and infrastructure to strengthening your security posture.

Presenter: Bruce Esposito, Field Strategist


Getting control of Window logs - the smart wa

Our new Endpoint Security Bundle helps you protect the Windows-based Enterprise. Learn how to add that extra layer to your security posture and become better able to respond to threats by managing Windows logs. Learn how your enterprise can improve its security posture with minimal investment.




Wednesday November 3rd

Wednesday November 3rd


The One Identity Advantage: How we are serving our customers in a holistic way

One Identity is more than simply a software vendor – we are a partner in your long-term cybersecurity success. Join this session to hear more about how we are investing in customer success, delivery, support, and more to help ensure organizations get their investments with One Identity.

Presenter: Greg Randolph, Quest Chief Revenue Officer



Hear from Martin Bally from Stellantis- What Keeps a CISO up at Night

There are great forces at work right now that are affecting how organizations protect themselves from bad actors. Hear directly from top security executives about the challenges they are facing, and how they plan to minimize their cybersecurity exposure gaps.

Presenter: Martin Bally, CISO of Stellantis



One Identity Product Directions in an Age of Identity Sprawl

With more stress being placed on your identity security strategy every day, you need to be sure that your technology vendor is investing in your future. Hear from One Identity’s top technology executives about the strategic bets we are placing – at both the platform and product levels – to help you reduce your windows of exposure and streamline security operations.

Presenters: Amrish Jaiswal, Director Global Identity Services, Linde and Rima Rawar, VP, Product Mgmt and Customer



Linde: An IGA Success Story

Security professionals know how important Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) is to ensure the right people, have access to the right resources, for the right reasons. Hear a case study on how such a strategy can be carried out in a methodical, holistic fashion.

Presenter: Rima Rawar, VP, Product Mgmt and Customer



Privileged Access Management, the History and Future

Privileged Access Management solutions are key components to organizational security policies and have been protecting our most critical assets for a few years. Although much of the technology is cutting-edge and new, the concept of privileged user management has been around for quite some time. This session takes a brief look at where and why PAM originated, the state of current privileged access management technology, and a look to the future and the new requirements and capabilities of privileged access management.

Presenter: Dan Conrad, Field Strategist



Motorola: An IDaaS Success Story

Security professionals know how important Identity as a Service (IDaaS) is to ensure the right people, have access to the right resources, for the right reasons. Hear a case study on how such a strategy can be carried out in a methodical, holistic fashion.

Presenter: Santosh Jagilinki, Manager of Authentication and Identity Governance, Motorola Solutions and Larry Chinski, , Customer Success Sr. Director and Customer



Learn about OneLogin - Innovative solutions for access management

Join James Herbert, Director, Solution Engineering from OneLogin discuss the latest access management solutions.

Presenter: James Herbert, Directory Solution Engineering, OneLogin



PAM Breakout


A sneak peek of unreleased Safeguard On Demand (SaaS) innovations

Safeguard services for Cloud This session reveals the latest news on progress and planning for the upcoming iteration of Safeguard on Demand; and includes a demo of functionality currently in development.

Presenter: Dan Peterson, Software Architect


IGA Breakout


Everything you wanted to know about Identity Manager On Demand

IGA Cloud Learn how to work with Identity Manager on Demand. Learn about the value, techniques, the process and hear from a partner with hands-on experience.

Presenter: Robert Byrne, Field Strategist, EMEA


AD Breakout


Scripting in Active Roles

Lessons in advanced implementation In this session you will learn how to use scripting to achieve better business outcomes. This session will provide an overview of the scripting capabilities within Active Roles and walk you through creating scripts in a variety of scenarios.

Presenter: Chris Rudd, Principal Engineer



A sneak peek of unreleased Safeguard On Demand (SaaS) innovations

Safeguard services for Cloud This session reveals the latest news on progress and planning for the upcoming iteration of Safeguard on Demand; and includes a demo of functionality currently in development.

Presenter: Dan Peterson, Software Architect


What's new in the Azure world

What's new in the Identity Manager Azure world In this session you will learn and see what new features are upcoming in Identity Manager 8.2 regarding Azure AD, Teams, SharePoint Online, and Exchange Online.

Presenter: Dr Stephan Hausmann, IGA Principal


Give your IT team a REST with Active Roles

Lessons in advanced implementation In this session you will learn about the new REST interface in Active Roles. This session will cover how it can be used by scripts or applications to update Active Directory without bypassing the security and controls implemented.

Presenter: Chris Rudd, Principal Engineer



A browser is all you need: Safeguard Remote Access

Safeguard services for Cloud In this session you'll learn how you can deliver safe and secure privilege access without the hassles and overhead of a VPN - a browser is all you need.

Presenter: Holger Weihe, PreSales, EMEA


Application Governance

IGA deepening connections and capabilities with target systems In this session you will learn how One Identity Manager’s Application Governance Module helps organizations to create or update new services and to manage applications, as well as provide a common framework to manage user entitlements and roles.

Presenter: Abdullah Ahmad, Senior Solutions Architect


Active Roles On Demand Password Manger On Demand

Active Roles: Going deeper in the Cloud with Active Roles Learn about the architecture of Active Roles On Demand and Password Manager On Demand - the Cloud version of those popular security products.

Presenter: Frederic Courtois, Principal Solutions Architect EMEA



To cloud and beyond: Discover and manage cloud-based privileged accounts with Safeguard

Safeguard services for Cloud Learn how you can seamlessly integrate Azure AD and other cloud applications with Safeguard for Privileged Passwords using Starling Connect for Cloud. This enables the discovery and management of accounts stored in cloud based applications by Safeguard for Privileged Passwords, supporting rotating passwords and providing additional security.

Presenter: Holger Weihe, PreSales, EMEA


CIEM - a sneak-peak

IGA deepening connections and capabilities with target systems Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management is not really a new topic, but has become one of the top areas where customers should look at, positioned in IGA as well as in the PAM area. Have a sneak-peak at how you will be able to secure Cloud infrastructeres in the future focussing here at Identity Manager.

Presenter: Robert Byrne, Field Strategist, EMEA and Dr Stephan Hausmann, IGA Principal


Active Roles with Azure only

Active Roles: Going deeper in the Cloud with Active Roles

Finally, it is not necessary to have an Active Directory on-premises any longer if you want to work with Active Roles. Watch this session to learn how to deploy Active Roles with Microsoft Azure in different scenarios.

Presenter: Jake Lambert, Senior Solution Engineer



Detecting risk and anomalies in sudo audit information

Auditing in Safeguard Learn how you can integrate audit information generated by Safeguard for Sudo into the privileged analytics engine of Safeguard for Privileged Sessions and perform free-text search across recorded sessions.

Presenter: Wayne Beaudin, PAM Principal


EPIC Healthcare system what is already there and what will be in the next version

IGA deepening connections and capabilities with target systems EPIC Healthcare has become a leading healthcare system globally. Watch this session to learn about the integration in Identity Manager.

Presenters: Sebastian Kuebbeler


Active Roles 7.4.4: Deeper Microsoft Azure integration with Starling Connect and SCIM

Active Roles: Going deeper in the Cloud with Active Roles

Join this session to learn what additions have been made in Active Roles 7.4.4 regarding the integration of Microsoft Azure. But Active Roles 7.4.4 goes beyond Microsoft and many more Cloud applications can be provisioned via Active Roles. Check out how to leverage Starling Connect with its more than 57 connected Cloud applications improve security. Last but not least you will see how to connect to other Cloud applications using the new SCIM v2 in-bound/out-bound synchronization in Active Roles.

Presenter: Frederic Courtois, Principal Solutions Architect EMEA



Integrating modern authentication platforms with privileged session management

Safeguard services for Cloud - Auditing in Safeguard See how you can bring the advantages of session monitoring, credential vaulting, and analytics to your legacy applications. Using Azure Active Directory authentication as an example, we'll demonstrate how you can enable modern authentication techniques, such as passwordless login, alongside advanced session monitoring.



Integrate and interact with ServiceNow

IGA deepening connections and capabilities with target systems Service Now is one of the prevailing ITSM solutions worldwide. It is not just another target system in Identity Manager. Ticket creation and Service catalog integration plays an important role as well to support processes and thus enterprise security. Learn about the capabilities of the new target system module and the capabilities in Identity Manager.

Presenters: Lubna Karody, Software Development Architect



Bring those applications on board! Introducing credential injection for apps with unique protocols

Auditing in Safeguard Safeguard for Privileged Sessions provides wide protocol support. However, there are various privileged applications in use with proprietary or unique protocols, such as database clients, ERP clients, and many more. Although federated authentication is common today, it’s not applicable in all scenarios. Safeguard for Privileged Sessions is now introducing credential injection for these applications to enable the highest level of credential security.



Starling Connect - your way to other Cloud applications

IGA deepening connections and capabilities with target systems Starling Connect is a SaaS offering that enables any management system supporting SCIM, e.g. Identity Manager or Actives Roles to connect to more than 57 Cloud applications.

Presenter: Sebastian Kuebbeler



One click access to privileged sessions with Safeguard and SCALUS

Auditing in Safeguard Have you ever wondered what happens when you try to open a URL such as rdp:// or ssh:// and whether you could define custom handlers to take actions to launch an RDP or SSH session automatically? Please join us while we show-case the flexibility and power of our open-sourced session launcher, SCALUS, and demonstrate how it can be used to launch privileged sessions straight from the Safeguard web portal no matter if Windows, GNU/Linux, or OS X is your platform of choice.

Presenter: Craig Finnan, Senior Sales Engineer


Identity Manager 8.2 Web UI customization

Identity Manager 8.2 new Web UI customization Identity Manager 8.2 includes redesigned web applications based on the Angular framework, both for end users and administrators. This session gives a technical overview of the architecture and its components. We will walk through different customization models and take a look at how to build API extensions and Angular plugins. With customization capabilities being a key element to the success of IAM projects, we'll also address the question of the tools and processes required to integrate customization into the development lifecycle.

Presenter: Hanno Bunjes, Team Lead




Thursday November 4th

Thursday November 4th - Partners


2021 Partner Awards Round-up - EMEA / NAM / APJ

Presenter: Andrew Clarke, Global Head of Channel and Strategic Alliances



Cyber Resilience – Big Q (cross Quest portfolio)

Presenter: Jon Gillies, EMEA Channel and Alliances Director



Post Pandemic Opportunities for One Identity portfolio

Presenter: Peter Rodriguez, Channel Sales Director / Jon Gillies, EMEA Channel and Alliances Director



One Identity Market Relevance


Presenters: Andrew Clarke, Global Head of Channel and Strategic Alliances / Jon Gillies, EMEA Channel and Alliances Director



One Identity Market Position - Analyst Perspectives - Gartner MQ; Kuppinger Cole etc

Presenters: Andrew Clarke, Global Head of Channel and Strategic Alliances / Peter Rodriguez, Channel Sales Director



Learning and Experience



Presenter: Andrew Clarke




What’s New at One Identity

Presenters: Andrew Clarke / Jon Gillies / Peter Rodriguez




Customer Successes

Presenter: Jon Gillies



On Demand Proposition

Presenter: Andrew Clarke


Market Position

Introducing the new web UI for One Identity Manager. Attend this session to learn how to get the most from the new API, what it looks like and how to customize it.

Presenters: Andrew Clarke / Jon Gillies



Learn five ways to use Active Roles to take the pain out of M&A and other massive changes to your Active Directory (AD) / Azure Active Directory (AAD) to increase efficiency and security. This session discusses building a foundation, acquisition assessment, management, tightening credential management, and building an IT undo button.

Presenter: Jamie Coleman



Partner Marketing

Presenters: Kristzina Fischer/ Rebecca Dunlope



Presenters: Andrew Clarke / Jon Gillies


Expert Services

Presenters: Gordon Patzschke / Joe Tobias



Partner Competencies

Presenter: Jon Gillies



Presenter: Jon Gillies


Partner Marketing Campaigns

Presenter: Krisztina Fischer / Rebecca Dunlope




Presenter: Susanne Haase



Presenter: Andrew Clarke


One Identity solutions for internal use

Presenter: Jon Gillies



Tech-Talk Sessions

Presenter: Susanne Haase


Technical Alliances : Featuring : Service Now ; RPA offerings;

Presenters: Alan Radford / Dan Conrad


Hearing about some of the 2021 Partner Award Winners

Presenters: Andrew Clarke & Channel Account Managers



Self-Paced Learning for Certification

Presenter: Andrew Clarke


Microsoft relationship

Presenters: Alessandra Wittner / Jennifer Summers / Leigh-Ann Campbell


Next Steps & Future Opportunities to Get Involved

Presenters: Andrew Clarke / Jon Gillies / Peter Rodriguez



Why Attend?

  • Gain valuable industry insights
  • Learn best practices and tips and tricks to improve technical proficiency and knowledge
  • Talk directly to product development, product managers, product marketing and subject matter experts
  • Be heard — provide your input on future product enhancements
  • Earn CPE credits

Earn CPE Credits

You can earn up to 12 hours of CPE credit for (ISC)2 and ISACA and 4 hours of CPE credit for IAPP by attending the general session and the business or technical breakout tracks at the One Identity Resilience Conference. Plus, you can earn an additional 16 hours of CPE credit for (ISC)2 and ISACA by attending one of the Technical Deep Dive sessions. For each track you complete you will receive a certificate of completion and the number of hours of CPE credit for which you have qualified. You can then submit your certificates and CPE hours to (ISC)2ISACA, or IAPP.


FAQ for One Identity Resilience 2021


Bhagwat Swaroop
Bhagwat Swaroop - President & General Manager, One Identity
Read Bio

Bhagwat is president and general manager of Quest’s One Identity business unit and joined the company in November 2020. He is responsible for driving the overall strategy, product innovation, GTM and the P&L for One Identity. Bhagwat is a seasoned strategic leader and brings a deep understanding of the enterprise security landscape, technology ecosystem, SaaS and cloud-driven business models. He is a sought-out expert and public speaker on Cybersecurity and implementing Identity Centric Security model in the cloud age.

A passionate customer advocate, and a data-driven business leader, he centers his leadership strategy around clarity, conviction and execution. He wakes up every day thinking about with how best to solve the right problem at the right time for the right customer. He sees securing and managing Identity and Access as the bullseye of cybersecurity and is committed to delivering secure outcomes for all customers, and help make the world a safer place.

With more than 20 years of of leadership success during tenures with Proofpoint, Symantec, NetApp, McKinsey and Intel, he excels in strategy, product development, go-to-market and building high performance teams. Prior to joining One Identity, Mr. Swaroop served as executive vice president and GM of Email Security Business unit and Industry solutions at Proofpoint. Previously at Symantec, he served as the vice president of the global solutions product management and product marketing for enterprise security business unit, and also as VP of corporate strategy.

Bhagwat lives in the Bay Area, where he enjoys spending time with his family, reading, and the occasional thrill of skydiving, whitewater rafting, or snorkeling. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the Delhi Institute of Technology, a Master of Science in electrical engineering from Arizona State University and a Master of Business Administration from The Wharton School. For more about Bhagwat, visit his LinkedIn profile.

Christopher Krebs
Christopher Krebs - Former Director of the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)
Read Bio

Before serving as CISA Director, Mr. Krebs served in various roles at the Department of Homeland Security, responsible for a range of cybersecurity, critical infrastructure and national resilience issues. Prior to his time at DHS, he directed U.S. cybersecurity policy for Microsoft, and advised industry and government clients on complex cybersecurity and business risk matters, while serving at positions with Obsidian Analysis and Dutko Consulting.

He also served in the George W. Bush Administration, advising DHS leadership on domestic and international risk management and public-private partnership initiatives.

Mr. Krebs holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of Virginia and a J.D. from the Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University.

Rima Pawar
Rima Pawar - VP of Product Management
Read Bio

Rima Pawar, Vice President of Product Management, recently joined One Identity from MobileIron (acquired by Ivanti) where she drove product direction, with a focus on security and identity/ZeroTrust. She grew recurring revenue by more than 30 percent and landed the product in Forrester’s 2020 Leaders’ quadrant for ZeroTrust Platform. Prior to that, she led product management at Oracle, launching the SaaS Identity platform for Oracle Cloud.

Rima brings decades of experience in enterprise cybersecurity and building SaaS offerings. She is a sought-after security evangelist, regularly contributing bylines and commentary to security publications, and presents at events around the world.

She earned a B.E. Computers at the University of Pune, India; a masters from University of Florida, Gainesville; and an MBA from The Wharton School, Pennsylvania. Rima lives in the Bay Area with her husband and two children. In her spare time, she enjoys outdoor activities and participates in marathons, biking, rollerblading, hiking and skiing as often as possible.

Joe Garber
Joe Garber - VP of Product Marketing
Read Bio

Joe Garber is Vice President of Marketing for One Identity. In this role, he leads marketing strategy, product messaging, awareness, enablement, and cross-functional programs execution for the organization and its identity-centric security portfolio.

Joe has more than 20 years of experience in software marketing, having served in leadership roles at large and mid-sized private and publicly traded companies. In that time, he has developed a broad marketing background that spans product marketing, lead generation, corporate communications, brand development, awareness, customer engagement, partner marketing, and sales enablement.

He previously served as Vice President of Corporate Marketing, and as Vice President of Product Marketing for two busines units that delivered about $1B in annual revenue, at Micro Focus. In these roles, he led messaging and outreach at the corporate, business unit, and product levels – driving integrated programs across all core marketing functions. Joe has also led marketing and strategy teams at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, HP, IBM, and VC-backed RenewData during his career.

Most of Joe’s software career has been focused on marketing security, privacy, legal, and compliance use cases. Among the highlights, he led pan-enterprise programs for GDPR at both Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Micro Focus, and he led marketing for a compliance-oriented SaaS solution that operated the world’s largest private cloud at the time. Joe has also been published in a number of business and trade publications on related topics such as digital transformation, automation, governance, and the application of artificial intelligence/machine learning.

Joe holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Pepperdine University and a Master's of Business Administration (MBA) from Cornell University where he was awarded the “Park Leadership Fellow” scholarship for demonstrated leadership and academic excellence.

Patrick Hunter
Patrick Hunter - Resilience Chairperson
Read Bio

Patrick Hunter is an engaging speaker on the subject of “identity and access management”. His knowledge stems from over thirty years of working with many organizations and the last seventeen to successfully implement secure IAM security solutions with One Identity.

Patrick knows about the cost, time and complexity challenges faced by today’s enterprises, as they strive for efficiency, security and compliance. Patrick has spoken at many events, using his industry knowledge to apply the appropriate technology into real business environments, conveying how organizations can simplify identity and access management.

Patrick leads One Identity’s Pre-Sales team in EMEA.

Andrew Clarke
Andrew Clarke - Global Head of Channel & Strategic Alliances
Read Bio

Andrew Clarke, a security industry veteran, serves as One Identity’s Global head of channel & strategic alliances, and oversees a portfolio of security solutions, including Identity Manager and Safeguard.

Andrew’s is responsible for driving growth of the global channel sales and marketing activities, as well as ensuring that customers can leverage One Identity’s expert services so that they can optimize the performance of their solutions and maximize the value of their investment. Previously, Andrew served as vice president and managing director of EMEA at e-DMZ Security, which was acquired by Quest Software.

Ian Sutherland
Ian Sutherland - VP of Sales, EMEA
Read Bio

Ian Sutherland is VP and General Manager Sales, EMEA. Ian leads the direct, channel and technical sales teams throughout the region and is focused on customer and partner acquisition, retention and satisfaction. During his 30-year career in the IT industry, Ian’s roles have spanned technical, consulting and commercial aspects. Based in the UK, Ian is also the author of a bestselling series of technically accurate, contemporary cybercrime thriller novels.

Teri Robb
Teri Robb - VP of Sales, North America
Read Bio

Teri Robb serves as VP of North America Sales at One Identity a Quest Software Company. Robb brings more than 20 years of high-tech sales and progressive leadership experience to One Identity. She was voted into the Top 100 Sales Executives in North America.

Before joining One Identity she was with Check Point Software for eleven years with her last role as VP of West US Sales for Check Point Software. She has also held Regional Director positions at CompuServe Network Services and iPass.

Robb holds a B.A. in Business, Information Management from the University of North Dakota.

In her spare time, she enjoys boating, hiking, and the great outdoors with her husband, two children, and two dogs.

Greg Randolph
Greg Randolph - Chief Revenue Officer
Read Bio

Greg serves as Quest’s CRO and joined the company in May 2020 to lead our worldwide sales function. An expert in cultivating high-performing sales organizations, Greg’s ultimate objective is to help his team win by being heavily active in the field and taking every opportunity to meet customers and partners.

Greg wakes up each day to answer the question: “How do we innovate and create solutions for our customers to thrive?” He’s enthusiastic about ensuring Quest remains a top provider of cloud and mobile IT solutions through hyper engagement with our customers.

Greg believes in the 3Cs of sales leadership — working with incredibly Competitive, Competent and high Character individuals. He’s committed to enabling our sellers with the best professional development tools and resources available.

Previously, Greg served as the SVP of Global Sales for MobileIron and in multiple SVP roles at CA Technologies.

Greg lives in Charlotte, N.C. where he enjoys hiking, biking and skiing with his four grown children. A foodie and wine enthusiast, Greg unwinds by cooking great meals and planning his next amazing travel adventure.

Larry Chinski
Larry Chinski - Customer Success Sr. Director
Read Bio
Larry Chinski is Global Vice President of IAM Strategy One Identity. He is responsible for the overall field execution (both inbound and outbound) for One Identity as it relates to Identity Management, Privileged Account Management, User Account Management, and SaaS. Larry is also responsible for the integration of One Identity solutions and technical alliances in such areas as hyper automation and web access management. Larry has been in the IT industry for over 25 years, with a specific focus on IAM the last 15 years. He has worked with the largest customers in the world, and has helped to design and implement multiple solutions across a wide variety of industry verticals. Larry holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from DePaul University as well as several industry certifications.
Stacey Blanchard
Stacey Blanchard - Director of PreSales, NAM
Read Bio

Stacey is the Director of Sales Engineering at One Identity for the North America region. She has spent the last 9 years bringing security solutions to One Identity’s customers, with 6 of those years focused on the US Federal Government space. Stacey is passionate about solving Identity Governance and Privilege Risk issues for customers. She is both an engaging and entertaining speaker bringing real world scenarios to the table that all audience members can relate to.

Stacey’s strong background in Microsoft technologies built the groundwork for her career at One Identity. Prior to joining the company, she solved cybersecurity problems for many Federal and State and Local Government Agencies during her tenure at companies like L-3 Communications, IBM Global Services, and as both a consultant and employee of the District of Columbia Office of the CTO.

Wayne Beaudin
Wayne Beaudin - PAM Principal
Read Bio
Wayne Beaudin has been working in the technology for over 20 years with the last ten focused on the privileged access management market. Wayne is currently a solutions architect for the privileged management solutions for One Identity. In his role Wayne works with organizations to understand their business challenges and design a solution that best meets their needs. Wayne also acts as a technical advisor for organizations as they implement One Identity solutions. In addition Wayne is a product advocate and develops and delivers training on the One Identity privileged management solutions to both partners and customers. Prior to One Identity Wayne worked for several technology companies including Nortel and CGI.
Hanno Bunjes
Hanno Bunjes - Software Engineering Manager
Read Bio

Hanno Bunjes leads the One Identity team responsible for Web UI and API development. He was at Voelcker Informatik, Quest and Dell Software before One Identity.

Having been in product development for 15 years, he is very familiar with the rapidly changing world of web technology and user experience. His main focus is on designing tools that can be customized and extended to support even the most complex implementation scenarios.

He has a master‘s degree in computer science from the Free University of Berlin.

Robert Byrne
Robert Byrne – Field Strategist, EMEA
Jamie Coleman
Jamie Coleman - Senior Director for Technical Support
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Jamie Coleman is Senior Director for Technical Support in Quest & One Identity. In this role his mission is to make sure every customer and partner is able achieve their business objectives and accomplish their goals through optimal use of Quest & One Identity products. With over a 20 years’ experience on both the customer and vendor side of Technical Support and Customer Success, Jamie is passionate about bridging the gap between Customer success and Technical support for the best customer experience.

Jamie has an MBA from the University of Limerick and is an avid supporter of STEM programs and education like Coder Dojo which help to develop our children’s coding skills as early as possible to succeed in our digital world.

Dan Conrad
Dan Conrad – Field Strategist, NAM
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A field strategist in the NAM region with One Identity, Dan Conrad has decades of identity security experience. He is a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), and holds CISSP and MCITP certifications. He served 20 years in the U.S. Air Force as a Directory Services Engineer; he is knowledgeable about identity challenges in the federal government market as well.
Frederic Courtois
Frederic Courtois - Principal Solutions Architect
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Frederic had 10 years of IT consulting for Microsoft Infrastructures projects before he joined Quest Software in 2007. He is an expert for all Microsoft related platforms and connected products, working as Principal Solutions Architect in the EMEA Presales department at One Identity.
Rebecca Dunlope
Rebecca Dunlope - Channel Marketing
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Rebecca Dunlope is a channel marketing professional at Quest Software and joined the company in March 2020. In her role, she is responsible for driving marketing programs with Quest and One Identity partners and works closely with the Channel Account Managers to grow the channel.
Ted Ernst
Ted Ernst - Senior Product Manager
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Ted Ernst, Senior Product Manager at One Identity, has a vast amount of experience in enterprise security areas, including SecOps (SIEM and UEBA), IAM (IGA, privilege and access) and data loss prevention, as well as systems management (e.g., BSM, ITOM, APM, ITSM and transaction management). In his roles, both present and past, he has interacted with and provided direction to both PM and engineering teams and has been a speaker at many user conferences such as ISSA, ISACA, Interop, Share and vendor-sponsored user groups. He also has also worked with analytics/big data, encryption, compression, natural language processing, enterprise discovery and various cloud technologies.

Before joining the One Identity team, Ernst spent many years working for software and service providers such as BMC Software, NetIQ and Micro Focus in roles ranging from product manager to corporate architect to CTO. He also spent nearly two years as the CTO of a security startup that focused on data loss detection.

Bruce Esposito
Bruce Esposito - Field Strategist, NAM
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Bruce has seen a lot! With more than 20 years’ experience working as a senior strategist for the IAM and IGA leaders, he has seen the market grow from simple point solutions to the critical infrastructure deployments they are today. As native of Washington, DC he has assisted many Fortune 500 companies as well as numerous federal and state agencies in the development of their identity and security strategies.
Craig Finnan
Craig Finnan - Senior Sales Engineer
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Craig Finnan is a senior sales engineer for One Identity's Safeguard Privileged Access Management solutions and for the One Identity Syslog-ng enterprise log management portfolio. He has over 25 years of experience, acquiring and applying expertise in a wide spectrum of IT disciplines with a focus on security at all levels of the solution stack.
Kristzina Fishcher
Kristzina Fishcher - Channel Marketing
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Krisztina Fischer has been working with One Identity and Quest since 2015 managing the partner marketing programs. In her role she is responsible for partners and distributors across the EMEA region. Krisztina works closely with the various channel teams to grow and enable the partner landscape and to help increase pipeline through various partner marketing activities.
Jon Gillies
Jon Gillies - EMEA channel & alliances director
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Having joined One Identity in 2018 to establish the EMEA distribution business, Jon took over the channel & alliances responsibilities in February 2020. Accountable for leading our channel strategy, his focus is to optimise our partner eco-system and GTM alignment. He is passionate about driving partner preference for One Identity through the execution of relevant and rewarding partner initiatives.

With over 20 years channel experience in several leading vendors, he has established a reputation for the successful execution of channel growth and partner satisfaction. View Jon's LinkedIn Profile.

Susanne Haase
Susanne Haase - PreSales Partner Enablement Manager
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Susanne Haase is an experienced Identity and Access Management professional, speaker as well as keynote speaker at many events. She has been working more than 20 years in the field of Identity and Access Management, gathering knowledge in implementing and architecting Identity and Access Management solutions for global organisations. Her journey went from consultant in professional services and managing projects to advising prospects as solution architect. In her current role as presales partner enablement manager, she is supporting partners, developing and running the Presales partner enablement program in EMEA.

Stephan Hausmann
Stephan Hausmann - IGA Principal
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Stephan works as a an IGA Principal for Identity and Access Management and serves customers across EMEA.

He has a history of 20+ years in Identity and Access Management, starting with Directory and Meta-Directory solutions and implementing Identity Management solutions before moving into his current role.

He joined One Identity in 2014.

Lubna Karody
Lubna Karody - Software Development Architect
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Lubna Karody has more than 10 years experience in designing and developing robust and highly scalable applications. She is passionate about Datastructures, Algorithms and Full Stack development. Currently, she is working on modules for Identity Manger.
Robert Kraczek
Robert Kraczek - Field Strategist, NAM
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Robert Kraczek, Global Strategist, has more than two decades of security experience, with a specialization in IAM and Access Management. Robert’s responsibilities include helping customers solve business challenges with the One Identity suite of products as well as helping set the future direction of the portfolio.
Sebastian Kuebbeler
Sebastian Kuebbeler - Product Owner
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Sebastian Kuebbeler, a One Identity veteran, recently joined Product Management from One Identity Support.

Having been the first Senior Product Specialist at One Identity he brings deep technical knowledge and unwavering customer focus to his new role.

He is currently responsible for Starling Connect and several Identity Manager Modules.

Jake Lambert
Jake Lambert - Senior Solution Engineer
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Jake is a senior solution engineer at One Identity with over 20 years’ experience in security and network consulting. His current focus in helping organization’s get identity and access management right, especially in the rapidly evolving cloud and SaaS space. He has a proven record of delivering complex IT solutions for a wide range or organizations across federal government and the private sector. Prior to joining the talented team at Oneidenity Jake has held various consulting roles across Australia, UK and Asia. Working for a variety of IT companies including Riverbed, Rackspace, TPG and VASCO.
Shannon Mathers
Shannon Mathers - Principal Sales Engineer
Gordon Patzschke
Gordon Patzschke - Professional Services Managing Director
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Gordon looks after Quests Professional Services business in EMEA and APACJ and joined the company in 2010 with the acquisition of Germany based Voelcker Informatik.

He has a proven track record to develop, grow and manage multimillion-dollar service organization. Working 20+ years in the industry he maintains a strong background in leading international and diverse consultancy teams focused on software solution deployments.

Having an engineering mindset combined with strong business orientation he enjoys working with customers and partners to maximize the business value of IAM focused software implementations.

Dan Peterson
Dan Peterson - Principal Engineer, Development
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Dan Peterson has been in the software development industry for two decades with a primary focus on designing and building security products. Currently, Dan is the lead architect for the Privileged Account Management portfolio. In his role, Dan sets the technical direction and designs the security capabilities of One Identity Safeguard and related solutions.
Alan Radford
Alan Radford – Field Strategist, EMEA
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Alan is a Field Strategist at One Identity over 10 years’ experience in Identity Access Management.

As a technical specialist in Privileged Access Management and Governance, Alan has worked with organisations across the globe to help them solve their unique challenges in achieving maturity in managing and governing privileged identities.

Having lived and worked in both the UK an Australia, consulting on projects for companies of all sizes across EMEA and Asia Pacific, Alan is an experienced international subject matter expert and has been a part of the IAM Pre-Sales team at Quest since 2012.

Prakash Ramani
Prakash Ramani
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Prakash Ramani has more than 15 years of experience in designing, developing and delivering software products for a variety of customers using different technologies. He is working as a team leader for the One Identity Manager connected systems module and is leading the initiatives for developing and delivering One Identity Manager modules for Health Care Systems and ServiceNow.
Tyler Reese
Tyler Reese - Director, Product Management, Privileged Access Management
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With almost 20 years in the IT software industry, Tyler Reese is extremely familiar with the rapidly evolving IAM challenges that businesses face. He currently manages the Privileged Access Management portfolio, working closely with customers, partners, and industry analysts on PAM vision and strategy. Tyler holders a CISSP certification and his professional experience ranges from consulting for One Identity’s largest PAM customers to being a systems architect of a large company.

Peter Rodriguez
Peter Rodriguez - Channel Sales Director
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Peter Rodriquez, North America Director of Channel Sales. is responsible for extending the reach and capabilities of One Identity’s strategic channel partners, who help organizations establish an identity-centric security strategy. Before joining One Identity, Peter gained extensive experience over the last 23 years building the channel at Dell in various leadership positions.
Chris Rudd
Chris Rudd - Services Account Manager
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Chris Rudd is a Services Account Manager who has over 38 years experience in the technology sector. Chris has been working with Quest & Quest One Identity for the past 15 years in various roles, first as a senior consultant, followed by ten years as a services practice manager before moving into customer advocacy and then services sales.
Ian Stimpson
Ian Stimpson - Principal Engineer, PreSales
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Ian Stimpson is a Solutions Architect who has worked in Information Security for over 20 years. His career has been built on designing and delivering business centric solutions to solve the ever-changing business challenges around IT security, enveloping almost all sectors of industry. Presently Ian is focused on architecting business solutions that allow clients to increase their security posture by getting Identity and Access Management right.
Abdullah Ahmad
Abdullah Ahmad - Senior Solutions Architect
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Abdullah Ahmad works as a Senior Solutions Architect at One Identity. His focus is on Identity and Access Management (IAM) for Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, SAP ERP, SAP S/4HANA, and Cloud Solutions. Before that, he worked for SAP Deutschland SE for nine years as a Senior Technology Consultant and advised his customers on national and international projects in the areas of Identity and Access Management, Compliance and Authorizations, as well as ABAP Custom Code Security and Technical Security. Mr. Ahmad completed his studies at the Technical University of Darmstadt as a qualified computer scientist with Diploma Degree with a focus on IT security and cryptography.
Holger Weihe
Holger Weihe - PreSales, EMEA
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Holger Weihe is an experienced speaker for “security” and “privileged access management” (PAM). He has gained knowledge by working in various roles for over thirty years in consulting, solution design and project management for many national and international customers.

Holger knows about the current challenges enterprises are facing caused by constantly changing demands of markets, customers and compliance regulations. He leads security and PAM workshops or proof of concepts and creates lots of video content to transfer his knowledge to enable and educate customers and partners to build best matching solutions to simplify and enhance today’s business und processes.

Holger is a member of the EMEA Pre-Sales team.

Alessandra Wittner
Alessandra Wittner - GSI Alliance Manager


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