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Full Results of our 2020 Global Survey – Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) for the New Computing Normal

So how successful was your organization’s transition to remote working? How have your priorities changed since March 2020? These are some of the things we asked more than 1,200 IT professionals in our annual global survey. Our objective was to shine a light on how following best practices for identity governance and administration (IGA) can have far-reaching benefits for the security of your data and infrastructure, and how your organization can handle sudden and massive changes to identity and account permissions.

Get your copy of the full results of our survey to compare how well you did in relation to other organizations, and how prepared you are to return to the new version of normal. Here’s a few highlights from the survey findings:

  • IT security professionals noted a near-universal shift to work from home; only a third said it was “smooth” 
  • Cloud infrastructure investments, access request, identity/account lifecycle management, identity process and workflow, and role management technologies all saw increases in importance among at least half of security teams 
  • Thirty-one percent said COVID caused the increased prioritization for cloud infrastructure investments and access request technologies

About the One Identity Global Survey 2020 

The One Identity Global Survey 2020 consisted of an online survey conducted by Dimensional Research of IT professionals at midsize or large organizations, whose role includes security responsibilities. A total of 1,216 individuals from the U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany, France, Benelux, Nordics, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong completed the survey. Responses were captured between Aug. 20 and Sept. 3, 2020.