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Get Your IAM Project Back on the Fast Track by Considering Business Agility

For years, identity and access management (IAM) has been seen as the project of denial, restriction, limitation and sometimes failure. The processes and technologies required to enhance security seemed also destined to stifle collaboration and interfere with revenue-generating work. In fact, at times, the processes forced employees, partners and customers to spend precious time searching for ways to circumvent the IAM infrastructure in order to do their jobs.

With the next generation of IAM solutions, this no longer needs to be the case. In addition to delivering security, these new modular and integrated solutions enable the business. For example, these solutions:

  • Enable IT to offload those pesky decisions of who needs access to what and put them in the hands of business owners who can better address them
  • Empower auditors to get what they need without interrupting the business
  • Enable individual workers to get swift and controlled access to the things they need to be productive and do their jobs